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REMINDER: Vital Reds 55% OFF

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My top-selling polyphenol blend on sale right now — but discounted jars are selling out FAST.
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Dr. Steven Gundry | Founder, Gundry MD

- — did you hear?

Right now, I’m offering Gundry MD subscribers up to 55% OFF Vital Reds

My landmark red polyphenol blend designed to re-ignite your energy, crank up your metabolism, and boost your digestion.

So if you haven’t had the chance to claim your savings yet…

My advice is to use THIS link to secure your discounted jars of Vital Reds immediately — before my sale-priced inventory runs out.

Now, I realize this revolutionary 50+ ingredient superfood blend needs virtually no introduction at this point.

(The hundreds of FIVE STAR reviews on my website have made that abundantly clear!)

But if you’re new to the Gundry MD family, let me quick fill you in on why Vital Reds has become the go-to energy formula for thousands of folks —

And why it’s sold over 8 million jars since its release.

Simply put, Vital Reds covers all the nutritional bases you need to feel energetic and fantastic each day.

This world-famous nutrient powerhouse combines 34 energizing superfruits like aronia berries, black currants, and dragonfruit to flood your body with precious polyphenols.

As you may know, polyphenols are nature’s potent “energy molecules” that help keep your body running at its peak — so you can feel full of youthful vigor and vitality.1,2

Vital Reds also includes 7 advanced weight loss-supporting compounds, all shown to help you stay lean and slim by “revving” your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms…3,4

As well as 4 premium probiotic strains which populate your gut with digestion-boosting “gut buddies” — which help keep cramps, gas, and bloating at bay.5,6

Vital Reds also contains ALL 8 key forms of the “Energy Vitamin” — vitamin B — to fight fatigue while supporting your brain, heart, immune system, and complete head-to-toe health.7,8,9

It has a light, refreshing berry taste — and with each delicious sip, you help recharge your mental and physical vitality using nature’s most powerful micronutrients…

Giving yourself a natural all-day energy boost.

That’s why I strongly advise you CLICK HERE to access your subscribers-only savings on Vital Reds while they’re still available.

Because please be aware, your savings will disappear the second my discounted supply runs out (which could be at any moment)...

So to be safe, secure your discounted jars ASAP by clicking any of the blue links in this email… and have a fantastic rest of your weekend, -!

Looking out for you,

Steven Gundry, MD
Steven Gundry, MD

P.S. Even with today’s phenomenal discount of over half off, please rest assured…

Your order is fully backed by my risk-free 90-Day Gundry Promise.

In other words: If Vital Reds isn’t giving you tons more energy, noticeably smoother digestion, and much easier weight management — you don’t pay for it.

Just send back your empty jars for a full refund of your purchase price. It’s that simple.

So be sure to grab your discounted jars while you still can…

Because quite frankly, discounts THIS good don’t come around often — and I don’t want you missing out, -!

CLICK HERE to enjoy youthful energy, hassle-free digestion, and advanced metabolism support with Vital Reds — up to 55% OFF today (while sale-priced jars remain)
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