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Slim down for summer? Heres how:

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It’s time to pull back the curtain a bit more on this first-of-its-kind “slimming solution”.
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Dr. Steven Gundry | Founder, Gundry MD

Dear -,

In my last email, I looped you in on a special slimming enzyme...

Which can help you quickly trim down, tone up, and combat unwanted cravings — whenever it’s activated inside your body.

This powerful enzyme is called peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha.

Or more simply… PPAR.

In a nutshell, PPAR is a “control switch” for burning fat in the human body.

And this incredible research holds the key to my new, hotly-anticipated weight support formula — Daily Weight Advantage — released next Friday, June 25th.

Now today, as promised, I’m going to unveil more about the “mechanics” behind this first-of-its-kind breakthrough.

You see, PPAR not only helps stop fat cells from getting “clogged up” with stored fat…

It also helps them empty their contents, and then convert it into energy to power your body.1

This way, it can help you slim down, since fat cells can shrink once they’re “emptied out”...

PLUS it can also add a big boost to your overall health, since your body is better able to use those calories to support your lungs, liver, heart, and other organs!

Fortunately, when we’re young, our bodies produce a ton of PPAR — which can help keep your cells burning fat and pumping energy at optimal speed.

But here’s the problem:

As we get older, our PPAR levels tank...2

Making it harder for our bodies to process calories, so we instead start storing them as fat.3
To make matters worse, once low PPAR takes hold, your appetite can grow bigger and bigger…

Which creates a pesky ‘eat more food, store more fat!’ loop that can keep getting worse as you age.

And left unchecked, it may lead to frustrating things like:
  • A growing waistline that doesn’t budge
  • Overwhelming cravings to eat junk foods
  • Unwanted fat around the arms, belly, and thighs
But help is at hand, -.

Because my team and I discovered the one PPAR-activating ingredient formulated inside Daily Weight Advantage…

That I consider to be one of the most incredible weight management compounds of the past decade!

See, this revolutionary ingredient is what’s known as a PPAR-agonist

Meaning astoundingly, it has the ability to bind to PPAR and help “turn on” fat burning within your cells.

In one study, researchers followed 60 overweight people for 8 weeks.4

Half of the group took a placebo pill, while the other half ingested the “PPAR activator”...

And scientists reported that the “PPAR activator” group not only experienced less body weight and a trimmer tummy...

But they also reported less hunger with fewer cravings, too!

And get this...

Aside from boosting PPAR, this one compound is suggested to have a flurry of other potential health benefits.

For instance:
#1: This Mystery Ingredient Helps Regulate “Hunger Hormones”

Aside from curbing your appetite via PPAR activation, studies show it can also help regulate “hunger hormones” like leptin and ghrelin.5

In one study, researchers found that it decreased ghrelin by a whopping 50% in rats… so they naturally felt less hungry throughout the day.6

Plus, a different study showed that it also decreased Peptide YY — an appetite-stimulating hormone released by the gut — resulting in a 33% DECREASE in appetite.7

And that’s not all...

#2: This Mystery Ingredient Boosts “Slimming Bugs” In Your Gut

Did you know there’s special probiotics shown to help fight obesity?

It’s true. Studies show they can help crank up your metabolism, rev calorie burning, and promote more comfortable bowel movements8,9

And amazingly, studies show this mystery ingredient can help boost these “fat-fighting bugs” — which can help you lean down and support your digestion, too.10

Plus, it gets even better, because...

#3: This Mystery Ingredient Also Helps “Turn Off” Food Cravings

The next way it helps combat cravings is by stimulating your vagus nerve.

Think of your vagus nerve as a “power line” that connects your brain to your stomach.

And the great news is, studies show that by boosting PPAR, this mystery compound also helps support your vagus nerve...11

Helping you enjoy clearer thinking, tons of energy, a trimmer waist, and less cravings for junk food.

Now, you’ll find this powerful compound in foods like oatmeal, nuts, and cocoa powder.

However, it’s very tricky to get enough through your diet alone, since these foods only contain a small amount of it.

So it’s always been unrealistic to get the amount you need to activate the slimming enzyme, PPAR.

That is, until we made an incredible breakthrough right here at Gundry MD.

Now, tomorrow, I’m going to spill the beans and give you all the juicy details…

Including what this “mystery compound” is… how you can get it easily… plus one more remarkable “slimming secret” I haven’t told you about yet.

Okay -, I have to get going now — lots to do to get ready for the big premier!

I’m incredibly thankful you’re here to learn about this amazing new finding…

And I can’t wait to reveal all the astonishing science behind how it works tomorrow. :)

Looking out for you,

Steven Gundry, MD
Steven Gundry, MD
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