Black Friday Specials - Socks & Valets | $57 Cone Selvedge, $62 Japan Selvedge & More

Email sent: Nov 29, 2020 11:28am
Our best values ever. Now jump on it fast.
New easy to love Black Friday specials . . . 

Our first Mystery Japan Sock 3 Pack and Horween Valet Tray at our best values yet.

Each is a grab bag - you never know what you're going to get but we promise it'll be great.

Don't miss our $57 Cone Mills Selvedge, $62 Japan Selvedge, $50 5 Pocket, $74 Italy Selvedge and Henley and T-Shirt specials.
An ultra rare fabric with roots going back to medieval England, elevated by the master mills in Japan. Woven just for us and you, this is the Kersey 5 Pocket. Go Double Indigo or add in some silk and wool for the ultimate composition.

Kersey 5 Pocket - Double Indigo Silk
Kersey 5 Pocket - Double Indigo
Beautiful Horween leather carefully crafted to form a perfectly functional utility pouch for your essentials. Made right in the USA for a true value. Just pick the size that suits your needs.

Sometimes you need a place to keep your essentials. Charging cords, a phone, a few pens. The basics. This is the sweetspot for our new utility pouch. Our goal was to keep it functional while making it look beautiful by using great materials. It's hard to beat Horween leather for that. It starts beautifully and only gets better with time. The utility pouch's clean lines and surfaces are the perfect showcase for this leather. The thickness is ideal to give the pouch structure and heft. Finally a large YKK handle closing duty.

Large - CXL #8 | Dublin
Small - CXL #8 | Dublin
Our vintage heather grey heavyweight t-shirt treated to a dye bath to create a fresh set of subtle heather colors. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from big weight material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

4 Pack | Oxblood 2 Pack  | Forest 2 Pack | Navy 2 Pack | Black 2 Pack
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