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Vintage American sportswear with the addition of the classic chest pocket. It's an instantly recognizable garment, made completely in the USA and offered at huge value. This is the new Fall Collection - Saffron, Titanium, Red, Teal.

Inspired by vintage American sportswear, our crewneck has all the details dialed in perfectly. Raglan sleeves, ribbed waist and cuffs, reinforced neck v. It's made from French Terry milled in Los Angeles. At 12 ounces, this style is great for layering during winter or thrown over a T-shirt on a cool summer evening. It's remarkably soft because we garment wash each sweatshirt. The top surface of the fabric is luxurious and smooth while the tight looped bottom surface feels amazing when on. Comfortable and understated, you will be reaching for this garment every time you leave the house.

4 Pack
Saffron | Titanium | Red | Teal
You have to try true monster weight denim at least once in your life. Today we're making your decision easy by offering this huge weight, 21oz Japanese selvedge at a massive value of $121. One peak at the wear-in you're in-store for lets you know that all your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. Meet The 21.

This is one of those rare denim opportunities that rarely comes along. It's next level fabric at a ridiculous value. This beast tips the scale at 21 ounces. You can see the burly yarns used to construct this fabric and you know this is no ordinary denim. The classic composition of deep blue warp and crisp white weft is exactly as it should be for a vintage denim like this. Monster weight denim is, to put it mildly, painful to wear at the start. It's a project that not many people have the time or willpower to take on. If you accept the challenge, you want to know that you'll be rewarded with a stunning wear-in. As you can tell from fabric wear shots, you are in for a treat. Great shade and crisp white contrast awaits you. Nothing other than a classic red selvedge ID would do.

Don't miss this chance to get in on huge weight denim at a very special price.

The 21
Inspired by an historic Levis fabrication, we discovered a burly Bedford corduroy from Japan and paired it with our timeless 5 pocket fit to create a style rugged enough to give your toughest selvedge a run for its money. These are the Monster Bedford Corduroys.

In the 1960's, a style from Levis became popular. It was often referred to as the Californian Trouser. It combined a classic fit with Bedford corduroy designed to be as sturdy as denim. Today, we show you our version. Our project began with the discovery of a truly special fabric from Japan - a big weight Bedford corduroy. Bedford corduroys were designed to be hard-wearing fabrics. The vertical rib weave is similar to a corduroy, but in a flatter design, lending an unusual vertical texture to the fabric. Until now most versions we'd found were finer in composition and light weight. This version is a beast - 12 ounces and one of the tightest fabrics we've felt. Tough as nails is an understatement. You feel it the second you put them on. There's a sense of protection that we've come to appreciate from real vintage style fabric. The color palette is a rich set of earth tones, from gold-brown to olive to an unusual pale blue-grey. These are like stepping back in time to experience an iconic style.

Gold Brown
Blue Grey
Super Heavy Indigo Twill
Finally we have the perfect pairing: superheavy twill and our new rugged shirt style. These twills from Japan manage a truly rare feat by perfectly combining style, heft and superb comfort. Even better, is the use of indigo dye for the blues. 

Super Heavy Indigo Jacquard
The jacquard is such a great weave as it can bring a level of texture to a shirting fabric that you don't often see. A small vertical stitch runs throughout the surface of this fabric. It creates incredible texture that you can both see and feel. Japan then does two things it's better than anyone at: dye and weight. This one is an absolutely inky, saturated blue, and that color comes from true indigo dye. Finally a huge 10 ounce weight gives this shirt a true work wear feel.

Super Heavy Blackwatch Flannel
The Blackwatch pattern is one of the oldest tartan patterns. Aside from its rich history, it has become a bit of a darling in the shirting world. The deep, dark coloring is rich and slightly toned down. The dark blue-purple, emerald green and black work together perfectly to create a shirt that's balanced and timeless. Japan took this pattern and dialed up the construction, and we mean way up. This Black Watch is a monstrous 10 ounces. It feels like an incredibly dense felt yet it remains very pliable, giving this shirt huge substance, warmth and comfort.
Luxurious comfort with the style to match, our sweatpants are here. Inspired by vintage American sportswear, they have all of the details dialed in, from the extra thick ribbed waistband and cuffs, to the perfect heavyweight french terry. A perfect example of classic American styling at a radical value. Get all three colors a special price.

Our sweatpants are made from French terry milled in Los Angeles. We wanted classic colors, substantial weight and great comfort. At 10 ounces this french terry lends our sweatpants true heft. You feel the thickness of this fabric the moment you put the sweats on. While some heavier weight French terries have a dry, papery hand, ours has a truly flowing and soft character. We garment wash as well to achieve an even softer feel. The combination of big weight and soft feel is the perfect sweatpants.

3 Pack
Black | Heather Grey | Vintage Navy
It's like two t-shirts in one in the absolute best sense of the concept -- our Double Knit T-shirts are back in fresh new colors, or pick up the original heather grey. Our classic t-shirt shape and a substantial, luxuriously soft 2-ply jersey make for an experience you don't want to miss.

3 Pack
Army 2 Pack | Black 2 Pack | Navy 2 Pack | Heather Grey 2 Pack
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