Kersey 5 Pockets - Indigo & Silk - Medieval Roots Updated For Today

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Woven just for us and you.
An ultra rare fabric with roots going back to medieval England, elevated by the master mills in Japan. Woven just for us and you, this is the Kersey 5 Pocket. Go Double Indigo or add in some silk and wool for the ultimate composition.

We started GUSTIN to focus on classic styles that use fabrics with true history. Selvedge denim was the start, but as we've explored, we've been able to uncover other fabrics with old roots that you rare find in use today. The Kersey we have today is a stellar example. This weave dates back to medieval England, where it was typically found in course, rugged wools. The most striking feature is the absolutely monster twill line. Our version keeps this defining characteristic surrounded by more refined ingredients. This twill line is a thing of beauty. It's thickness is something you both see and feel. It creates a raised texture unlike any other fabric we've used. You can see and feel the depth. Our styles also have an open feel, giving the 12.5 ounce base nice comfort and drape. Finally you get lusciously deep indigo dye for both warp and weft. Wear-in is sure to be spectacular given the raised twill line. Today you can go pure cotton or a special addition that gets additions of both silk and wool in the warp. The silk-wool version takes the indigo dye differently, giving it a melange appearance. Either way you go you get a fabric with true history updated for today.

Kersey 5 Pocket - Double Indigo Silk
Kersey 5 Pocket - Double Indigo
There's nothing better than a monster weight flannel on crisp winter day. Good think Japan has taken up this cause and created stunning examples. Today we have two versions for you, each presenting huge character in every way. These are the new Super Heavy Flannels in Gulf Oil and Charcoal Fire.

Gulf Oil
Charcoal Fire
Classic styling meets impeccable all-weather function -- it's the Gustin Rain Jacket. We dialed in the fit and scored the perfect American-made, taslan nylon with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to keep you looking great and feeling dry even in bad weather. You just might find yourself reaching for this jacket even when it's not wet out. 

Rain Jacket - Navy Taslon
Rain Jacket - Black Taslon
Old world selvedge fabric meets new world stretch technology. The result is surprisingly great - movement like you truly won't believe in a thoroughly classic package. A rare first find for us, the new 4 Way Stretch Selvedge from Japan.

This one is really hard to do justice to with word or pictures. It's such a surprisingly great experience to put on what looks like classic selvedge denim that's usually quite stiff at the start, and then to have complete freedom of movement instantly. It's a shock to the senses . . . in a very good way. We've run stretch selvedge before but this is a totally different animal. When you add just a touch of stretch in both warp and weft the level of movement is radically improved. Any way you flex, this denim moves with you. Sitting, walking, hiking - any activity you choose, this denim can handle it. All we can say is trust us, you will not be disappointed in the this experience. What truly makes this denim so special is that outwardly, you just see great classic selvedge denim. Thick, great grain, great color. It's really cool balance of old world fabric style and new world yarn technology. Note: we give these a quick rinse to ensure more predictable sizing as shrink is larger than on normal raw selvedge.

4 Way Stretch Selvedge - Indigo
4 Way Stretch Selvedge - BlackXBlack
4 Way Stretch Selvedge - Brown
We hate to see great fabric go. Our partner mill in Japan just let us know this sweet fabric is no longer being made. The good news: we snagged that last small lot left and sewed it into one of our most beautiful workshirts. This is the BrownXBlack Wool Herringbone Workshirt. Act fast on this deadstock wool.

BrownXBlack Wool Herringbone Workshirt
Our vintage heather grey heavyweight t-shirt treated to a dye bath to create a fresh set of subtle heather colors. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from big weight material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

4 Pack
Oxblood 2 Pack  | Forest 2 Pack | Navy 2 Pack | Black 2 Pack
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