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A wonderfully saturated, bright double indigo based contrasted with a unique crisp white stripe and sewn into a perfectly functional apron. 

Color is the star in this new selvedge apron. It starts with an impossibly inky and bright blue indigo base. It's saturated but still has a vibrant almost electric quality to it. The perfect contrast to this deep base is a crisp, thick white stripe. A closer look reveals each channel to made up of a super thin ticking strip sandwiched between two thicker stripes. The look is vintage and the functionality is superb given the 6 ounce weight. It's an ideal protector without being overbearing. The classic red selvedge ID reminds you this is a rare fabric. 

Double Indigo Stripe Selvedge Apron
Two of our most functional Horween leather accessories in one bundle at a serious value for Labor Day. Horween CXL Natural paired with our Simple Wallet and Military Key Clip . Just what you need to head out and nothing more.

Horween CXL Natural Combo - Key Clip & Wallet
A quintessential, gold-standard chambray treated to our iconic 5 pocket style. Comfortable, classic and sewn right in the USA at the best 5 pocket value we've ever offered - normally $81, for Labor Day $64. 

These days, versatile products are even more valuable. Styles you can be comfortable wearing all day. Inside or out. Sitting or standing. Comfortable but still well dressed. That's the sweet spot these 5 pockets nail. We have two classic color compositions - black-on-white and indigo-on-white. Both hit give you the contrast the defines this rugged style. Each has a tight but noticeable slubiness that adds real character to the fabric surface. It's a beautifully organic look. The 8 ounce weight is equally ideal, sturdy but wearable right on day one. At our Labor Day value of $64 this is a must own pant in both colors.

Breathable, supple, strong and beautiful. Today we have an incredible merino wool from Pendleton, at a special Labor Day Value. Usually $116, today $99. 

Merino wool is a bit of a wonder fabric. Yes, it's good in cooler weather, but that's not all. It breathes well and resists odors. Best of all, the extremely fine fibers mean beautiful comfort without the itch and a flowing drape to help garments fit well. On top of this base is a classic tattersall pattern with a base in either soft blue or green.

Pendleton Merino Wool Blue Tattersall
Pendleton Merino Woool Green Tattersall
Luxuriously soft 100% cotton jersey, slub yarns, timeless polo shape. It's t-shirt level comfort with more versatility. These are the all new Slub Jersey Polos. Normally $40, for Labor Day we present our best value ever of $33 each. We'd recommend all three for the absolute best value and because you'll be wearing these daily.

We start by honoring the rich history of the polo style by dialing in all the classic details while bringing them up to today's standards. A perfectly sized collar, mother of pearl buttons and a classic tennis tail are all built around a nicely tailored fit that is clean but not too slim. Next, we sew this up in an extra soft, 100% cotton jersey. Pure and natural. The slub yarns are a rare in a knit and lend a wonderful texture and depth to these polos. It's just pure comfort in a style suitable for lounging or working.

3 Pack
Navy | Army Green | Soft Mint
We've been searching for two years to find our absolute most popular denim of all time and now dead-stock. It's the Heavy American. From start to finish, this is what raw selvedge denim is all about. We're still offering it at a truly remarkable value of $81, quite likely for the last time ever.

Sanforized raw selvedge denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina. Weight, texture and shade make this denim the star that it is. It’s super dense at 16.25oz. Add a very tight weave and you have a tough feeling fabric that's built to last. Deep indigo warp, crisp white weft, lots of starch. You simply couldn't ask for more in a classic raw selvedge denim. Seeing the wear-in only confirms the incredible quality and beauty of this fabric. Finish it off with a red selvedge ID and you have true vintage American denim likely for the last time ever.

Heavy American
A vintage military inspired fabric from one of the greatest American denim mills treated to our authentic workshirt style. This is the new Cone ArmyXGrey Workshirt.

While we admired Cone Mills for it's classic raw selvedge styles (now all deadstock), some of the more experimental fabrics were always special discoveries. This is one example. It starts with a color combination we've never seen from Cone, or any other mill yet. The warp is a vintage deep army green, the weft a metallic grey. The surface is deeply saturated with a true old-school military vibe. Starchy and substantial this workshirt has a truly rugged feel. It's an ideal canvas to put your unique wear-in onto. Best of all, the color is a perfect match with denim in either raw or blown-out form. 

Cone ArmyXGrey Workshirt
If you ask people who makes the absolute finest shirting material, one name keeps coming up: Thomas Mason. Their fabric is simply beautiful. It takes the quintessential Italian fabric personality to the highest form — an indescribably soft and luxurious feel combined with spot on shade and pattern. These two styles have risen to the top.

Thomas Mason Plaid Flannel 
Thomas Mason Navy Gingham Flannel
Old-school to the core, our Heavyweight T-shirt with a special pigment dye that produces a soft, vintage color that will age over time. Faded Camel, Green, Purple. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

3 Pack
Faded Camel | Faded Green | Faded Purple
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