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Old-school to the core, our Heavyweight T-shirt now in colors equally bold and bright. Kelly Green, Marigold, Purple. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

If you've ever stumbled on a thrift store with great vintage t-shirts, you'll notice they tend to have a different feel than a lot of what you see in the t-shirt world today. The weight and the hand have a certain toughness and honesty that sometimes gets lost in more modern examples. As raw denim fans, we've never shied away from the challenge of developing fabric over time. Of earning that softness. This is what drove us to make our new Heavy T-shirt. We wanted to capture the spirit of the tougher t-shirts of earlier days. We think we've done it.

Fabric is the star. We use a burly 18 singles cotton. It's old school. Extra heavy and dense, you feel the substance this t-shirt has the second you touch it. The hand feel is also very different. It starts off with a touch of coarseness. You have to earn your comfort like raw denim, but over time it develops into that wonderful blend of weight and suppleness. When you get to that point, just be sure nobody tries to snag it from you because it's a special thing. We switched up the collar construction to a binding style that's set over the body to give it a bit more heft. Fresh colors will help you build out your collection. This is a t-shirt to take pride in.

3 Pack
Kelly Green 2 Pack
Marigold 2 Pack
Purple 2 Pack
If you're looking for a selvedge denim that is unusual, different and stunningly beautiful, look no further. This is the Japan Viridian.

One of the most fun aspects of our business is how much fabric we get to offer. One look at this fabric and you can tell it's not your run of the mill denim. This special selvedge is about shade. Not only shade on day one, but also the evolution of shade as you make the pant your own. The color starts as a rich, green tinted blue. The emerald green shade is most prominent in raw form and the white weft gives the fabric a traditional denim look. The combination is something you rarely see. The wear-in is tremendous as the overall shade lightens and the blue roots begin to dominate the overall shade. At a highly worn in state this fabric is an amazing sky blue. You also get a great 13 ounce weight for a solid feeling pair of denim and a classic red ID. Denim is one of the few fabrics in the world that truly ages and improves over time. We think you'll enjoy this one for years.

Japan Viridian
Good things happen when you take a classic chambray base and infuse it with true craftsmanship. We're excited to show you up close, two new special edition 5 Pockets - the Rainbow Nep Indigo and Black Nep Natural. 

Rainbow Nep Indigo 5 Pocket
From afar it appears like a classic indigo chambray. Get up close and it pops full of rainbow neps. There's no mistaking the starting point as anything but a solid, classic indigo chambray. You get a nice metallic blue color and the classic blue on white composition. It's a workwear icon that would be a great everyday wear pant if it stopped right there. However, the addition of rainbow nep yarn changes everything. Red, yellow, and blue neps randomly dot the surface of the fabric. Each pair is unique. It's subtle enough to be tasteful, but fun enough to remind you you're wearing something special.

Black Nep Natural 5 Pocket
One of the most unusual chambrays we've found from base to finish. This one starts with soft natural base color. It's a nice alternative to the more traditional indigo chambrays. It's soft and heavy, a great combination that makes it a pleasure to wear. The true transformation comes in the form of a huge tapestry of jet black neps that randomly dot the surface. The high contrast on the natural base creates a salt-and-pepper surface that's unlike anything we've seen before. It works.
It's tough to find a better match than pairing our authentic workshirt style with classic indigo chambray. This version goes one step further by adding linen and representing our best workshirt value yet. It's the perfect way to try this style out or add a unique version to your collection.

We launched our entire workshirt line with an indigo chambray. It's just a perfect partner for this garment. With its roots firmly in the workwear world the look is instantly recognizable and much appreciated. This chambray represents a special version of the style. It starts with the classic indigo-on-white composition and then begins to dial the details way up. The first thing you notice is the slubiness in the white weft. It creates a wonderful tapestry of horizontal grain that gives the shirt huge texture. This grain also brightens up the indigo base. Next comes the composition - 55% linen blended with cotton. This creates a truly different feel. You instantly notice that linen flow. It's breathable and comfortable. The finishing touch is that we're offering our best value yet. Enjoy.

Indigo Linen Chambray Workshirt
Pink, navy and a tattersall pattern. It's tough to ask for more. Aside from just being a classic pattern, what we love about tattersalls is how their fine grid pattern allows for them to incorporate lots of color in a refined manner. In this style the combination of white, pink and navy create a palette of colors that is strikingly clean and all-American. This is one of those shirts you reach for when you want to dress up your denim in a way that’s easy going and effortless while still livening things up.

PinkXNavy Tattersall
Some things in the clothing world are about pure luxury. We consider the Gustin Sweatshorts to be one such product. Comfortable to the core, made from luxuriously soft French Terry and constructed in the USA. Lounge in them, hike in them, and we’ll bet, sleep in them. Today you can add three fresh colors to your rotation: Oxblood, Army and Teal.

Sweatshort 3 Pack
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