Our Gift To You - Chambrays For $64 | 5 Pocket Standouts - Bright Rust, Iron, Rainbow Neps

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Gold standard chambray at an absolutely surprising value of $64. This is simply a must have shirt.

Chambrays tend to have a level of character that you don't often find in shirting fabric. The slubby grain lends amazing visual texture and a true sense of vintage ruggedness. The solid 6.5 ounce weight of these styles makes for a substantial shirt that can take anything you throw at it. Chambray is a true workwear icon. This version has a more unusual grey on white composition. It's a refreshing alternative to indigo and equally as versatile.

Black | Indigo | Grey
We've discovered a lot of unusual fabric to use with our 5 Pockets. Here are three true standouts. Each offers something different and impressive. From a huge character chambray in a totally fresh Bright Rust to the surprising pops of color in the Rainbow Nep Chambray to the metallic grey in the Iron 5 Pocket - these are simply great pants. If you missed the first run, now is your change to get in.

Bright Rust Chambray
Rainbow Neps Chambray
Burly and beautiful. That's the best way to describe our Military Corduroy Chinos. They're the heaviest styles we've ever run at 14 ounces and they have the looks to match. This is the type of fabric that really demonstrates how Japan continues to do things differently and impressively.

Big Weight - this is the heaviest chino fabric we've run at 14 ounces. It has the most dense feel of almost any fabric we've felt, even more so than some selvedge denim that's much heavier. In fact, the mill in Japan was specifically trying to replicate a vintage military feel - something incredibly tough and long lasting. What's nice is that unlike a super-heavy denim, this fabric remains wearable. You absolutely feel the weight and durability, but you can still enjoy wearing them right away.

The Weave - it's not your average twill. It's actually a bedford corduroy. We've come to really appreciate this style. We think of it as a more subtle corduroy. You still get a totally new look from the vertical channels running up the fabric surface, but they are much more subtle. The weave lends these pants an almost engineered look that fits well with their substantial feel. 

Color - think of them as classics, tweaked just enough to make them fresh. From Midnight to Brown Olive.

Midnight Military Corduroy Chinos
Brown Olive Military Corduroy Chinos
A true vintage workwear style takes on new life with indigo dye, a selvedge composition and our vintage workshirt style. This is the Selvedge Wabash Workshirt.

Wabash fabric has a long workwear history that dates back to the 1800's. The hallmark is the printed dot pattern, usually in contrasting color to the base fabric. What was once designed as a purely rugged piece takes on a new level of beauty and joy in this masterful recreation from Japan. Each element is perfected. The base fabric is a tightly woven, selvedge canvas in a solid 10 ounce weight. It's dense and solid feeling in shirt form. Next comes the indigo dye. Both warp and weft are colored to a bright inky blue. It's a few shades lighter than a traditional dark indigo and much more vibrant. Finally the traditional dot pattern is printed on the surface. It brightly contrasts the deep blue base. From a far it looks like a pinstripe, but up close you see the individual dots. True old-world fabric sewn up in the perfect style to enhance it.

Selvedge Wabash Workshirt
Old-school to the core, it's our Heavyweight T-shirt now in long sleeve version and with a special pigment dye that produces a soft, vintage color that will age over time. Oatmeal, Faded Rose and Ocean.. The perfect vintage all-around garment. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

3 Pack
Faded Rose | Ocean | Oatmeal
Classic style, unbelievable comfort and a unique twisted yarn construction combine to create the most plush zip hoodie we've ever made. Fresh colors, grab both at an even better value.

Comfort never goes out of style. When you can combine it with timeless design and outstanding fabric, you have something special. This is why we love these new hoodies so much. They start out with our vintage zip hoodie body. Tailored, but not too tight. A perfectly sized hood. Thick hem and cuffs. It's like the garment equivalent of comfort food. The fabric transforms these hoodies. It starts with the feel. This is by far, the most soft, luxuriously plush fleece we've run. It feels like being swaddled in a cloud. The solid weight and heavily brushed interior are a dream against the skin. Next comes a special twisted yarn that combines white, charcoal and grey colors together to form a unique marled effected. We then overdye this base to create a totally unique look. It's a very distinct texture of colors that you don't often see.

2 Pack
Deep Red | Putty
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