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The Gustin American Knit Gaiter is easy to love - luxuriously comfortable and functional. It's the perfect antidote to a cold day, with great style. Made in the USA and offered at $15, it's a simple choice.

This product is simple luxury - soft, comfortable, functional, classic. Made from super heavy, plush cotton yarn, it's the ideal way to keep the wind and chill out on a cold day. They have great volume without being bulky and the supremely soft yarns feel great right on day one. Great materials treated well and offered at a serious value.

You asked, today we delivery. More color options on our Beast Duck Canvas 5 Pockets. 20 ounces of American-made, absolutely monstrous duck canvas paired with our timeless 5 pocket styling. Tough-as-nails with style and color that's equally sweet. New colors are Tobacco and Black.

We've gone up to 26oz's on selvedge denim. It's not for the faint of heart, but that's what makes it fun. Consider it an apparel science project. Planning your break-in strategy with care results in a garment that is like no other. Now you can start on your new project. The base is an absolutely burly 20 ounce duck canvas woven right in the USA. It's impossibly thick and dense. The huge yarns highlight the plain weave of the fabric and bring the texture out. There is a density to this fabric that makes you feel invincible. Even cooler, this style gets treated to a water repellant finish that leaves it with a slightly wet hand, helping you set in some beautiful lines in all the areas that flex. The colors are classic - a Tobacco brown and pure jet Black. Hike in them, work outside in them - you're protected. As you can see, even thrown on a rustic button down and you have a classic, clean style. Good luck.

Beast Duck - Tobacco
Beast Duck - Black
Huge texture, supreme comfort, classic styling -- meet the Waffle Zip Hoodies in fresh new colors. All-American from fabric to sewing and offered at a serious value.

3 Pack
Red | Soft Blue | Natural
Burly and beautiful. That's the best way to describe our Military Corduroy Chinos. They're the heaviest styles we've ever run at 14 ounces and they have the looks to match. This is the type of fabric that really demonstrates how Japan continues to do things differently and impressively.

Midnight Military Corduroy Chinos
Brown Olive Military Corduroy Chinos
A true vintage workwear style takes on new life with indigo dye, a selvedge composition and our vintage workshirt style. This is the Selvedge Wabash Workshirt.

Wabash fabric has a long workwear history that dates back to the 1800's. The hallmark is the printed dot pattern, usually in contrasting color to the base fabric. What was once designed as a purely rugged piece takes on a new level of beauty and joy in this masterful recreation from Japan. Each element is perfected. The base fabric is a tightly woven, selvedge canvas in a solid 10 ounce weight. It's dense and solid feeling in shirt form. Next comes the indigo dye. Both warp and weft are colored to a bright inky blue. It's a few shades lighter than a traditional dark indigo and much more vibrant. Finally the traditional dot pattern is printed on the surface. It brightly contrasts the deep blue base. From a far it looks like a pinstripe, but up close you see the individual dots. True old-world fabric sewn up in the perfect style to enhance it.

Selvedge Wabash Workshirt
Old-school to the core, it's our Heavyweight T-shirt now in long sleeve version and with a special pigment dye that produces a soft, vintage color that will age over time. Oatmeal, Faded Rose and Ocean.. The perfect vintage all-around garment. It's a true American icon that will transport you back in all the right ways. Big weight, vintage feel, modern fit. Best of all, it's made in the USA from material to sewing and offered at value you won't find anywhere else. 

3 Pack
Faded Rose | Ocean | Oatmeal
Classic style, unbelievable comfort and a unique twisted yarn construction combine to create the most plush zip hoodie we've ever made. Fresh colors, grab both at an even better value.

2 Pack
Deep Red | Putty
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