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A fresh take on our authentic workshirt style using a rare big weight, natural selvedge from Cone Mills. Get it for $99 on this campaign only.

This is rugged selvedge from the last great American selvedge mill. It starts with a burly 15 ounce weight, lending this workshirt serious heft in an almost shirt-jacket form. It's rugged and tough. The creamy natural color is flecked by cotton seeds giving it an earthy and organic sensibility. A classic red ID finishes the edge. Pair it with raw denim or the perfectly worn pair and you have true vintage look.

Cone Monster Natural Workshirt
Our handcrafted Horween Boat Shoes are back in a one-time limited run. Honoring the timeless shape and details of this iconic style they're intricately made right in the USA using some of Horween's most beautiful leathers. 

We've retained the iconic shape of the traditional 2 eyelet boat shoe and perfected the fit. 360 degree lacing not only provides an aesthetic touch but allows you to snug up the heel for a custom fit. Our boat shoe features all of the classic elements including a rubber outsole for traction, premium rawhide laces, unlined Horween leather uppers and brass eyelets. The crimping toe detail and "heel kicker" are a result of 100% hand sewn moccasin construction. These features are unique to true hand sewn construction and also provide an amazing look. 

Of course, we're using Horween's famous leather. From our favorite Burgundy #8, to Natural to classic Brown - there's a color here to suit any style. These are leathers with uniquely beautiful colors that only improve with time and wear. 

CXL #8
CXL Brown
CXL Natural
Saturated, inky bright indigo combines with a rare dobby weave to form a fabric of true texture and comfort. This is the new Superlight Selvedge Dobby.

 We're always happy when we can bring a totally fresh look to you. Tis special selvedge is a good example. The dobby weave really sets this style apart. Dobby's are known texture. They focus on small scale geometric patterns incorporated directly into the weaving of the yarn. In this, case, a tight grid creates a natural raised texture built right into the fabric. It's subtle enough from a distance, but up close you can see the depth. The saturated and bright indigo warp and weft are a great compliment for this texture - all those textural highs will be the first areas to have dye worn away - creating a beautiful wear-in pattern. Finally, finding this in a selvedge composition makes it all come together and the superlight weight makes it easy to enjoy.

Superlight Selvedge Dobby
Fabric like this convinced us we needed to launch our new 5 Pocket fit - so we can unlock more completely unique and rare fabrics for you in the fit we love. Woven just for us, this is the Indigo Rainbow from Japan.

As you can imagine, we see a lot of fabric and use more styles in a year than many brands do in 10. We're always challenging ourselves to find something new for you and truth be told it's something we love doing. The styles that really stand apart for us are those that blend elements of classic style with completely unique details built into the core of the material. That's precisely why we love this style. It starts on top in classic form. A denim weave with a pure, dark indigo warp. An 11 ounce weight makes is wearable but substantial enough to last and wear in any season. The weft yarn is the true star of this fabric. Rainbow color yarn is used - blues, yellows, browns, whites. A true explosion of color. If the yarn was smooth, you would see this rainbow primarily on the backside of the fabric. However, big slub yarn was also used in the weft to masterfully allow all this unique color to better peak through the top surface. The slub yarn displaces areas of the warp to help the rainbow show through against the top indigo in the form of a true tapestry of grain. It's shows, but it's not overwhelming. That's the special balance that makes this a usable work of fabric art. Discover how it wears in for yourself.

Indigo Rainbow 5 Pocket
How do you take our vintage inspired, supremely comfortable sweatpants and make them even better? Color them with incredibly inky, real indigo dye. Consider it done. This is the ultimate sweatpant, made right in the USA at true value. Enjoy. 

If you're a denim lover like we are, you also love indigo dye. It's what creates the classic blue color in a great pair of denim. It's what enables raw denim to be a living garment, aging uniquely to your life and usage. Having this dye at the core of a dialed-in pair of sweatpants is a thing of beauty. We start with a heavy, all cotton French Terry. It's a big 14 ounces and has a nicely vintage feel to it. The indigo dye creates a richness of color you simply don't get with any other dye. It's impossible saturated and inky. Best of all, with time, it will evolve and age like your favorite pair of raw denim. The color will soften around the hems first as it takes on a wear pattern unique to you. It's the ideal blend of comfort, style and craft.

Indigo Dyed Sweatpants
Some things in the clothing world are about pure luxury. We consider the Gustin Sweatshorts to be one such product. Comfortable to the core, made from luxuriously soft French Terry and constructed in the USA. Lounge in them, hike in them, and we’ll bet, sleep in them. 

3 Pack | Vintage Red | Vintage Grey | Vintage Blue
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