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Meet our vintage Field Jacket taken in a totally new direction with top quality wool.

When we have a style that's dialed in we love to explore new fabrics. Fabric can totally transform the look and feel of a jacket and today we have the perfect example. We start with our military inspired Field Jacket shape. The rugged style notes, from the large snap pockets and huge YKK zipper are nicely balanced by the tailored fit and intricate construction. It's a style rooted in the past but clearly modern enough to enjoy today.

Next comes the wool. These have a traditional wool feel that gives them a rugged sensibility. At 12 ounces they're sturdy, but absolutely wearable. Jet black is a versatile option, while the hunter green offers a more lively and unique look. 

Stunningly gorgeous selvedge denim that's the result of classic technique and absolutely exclusive ingredients. There is texture and color in this fabric that seems almost impossible to achieve. The masters in Japan have created true denim art that we're able to offer at a value you won't find anywhere else. This is the rare world of selvedge denim. 

The Charcoal - a wonderfully dark titanium grey that stands out from any other grey/black selvedge we've seen. Such a stunning color is achieved through dyes that use charcoal extract. There is a depth and complexity to the shade that's very unique.

The Perssimon - an earthy, woody, bright brown that glows with life. Such a stunning color is achieved through the use of persimmon fruit dye. The result is a richness of color that's hard to match.

Texture is absolutely intense and serves to create an even more special look for each style. High slub yarns throughout create true depth that you can feel and see. Running your hand over the denim is a true experience. You rarely feel texture like this in a fabric. The irregular yarns also help expose the weft further to create an almost heather-like effect in each style. Finally, the purest organic cotton is used to spin the yarns, making this denim a true collector item. 
Vintage inspired rustic wool paired with our intricately constructed workshirt style - this is the all new Union Blue Wool Workshirt. Sewn in the USA at one of our best workshirt values.

One look at this special wool and you're transported back in time. It instantly reminded us of a vintage Union army wool uniform. That quintessential pale blue. The rustic wool feel. The slightly dusty, antique look aided by the addition of organic grey neps running throughout the fabric surface. This is a truly special style. The 9 ounce weight strikes just the right balance between warmth and wearability. Our authentic workshirt details from extensive triple needle work, to pen pocket, to gussets to chainstitch run-off are the perfect companion for this old-world wool. This is the winter workshirt to have.

Union Blue Wool Workshirt
Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most pleasurable. Clean design, perfect fit, uniquely functional fabric. Waffle Crewnecks in fresh colors. Go with the Big Six and get our best value, pick a 3 pack or get one. No matter your choice, these are casually rugged, American-made perfection at a remarkable value.

6 Pack (Best Value)
 Pack (Titanium, Smoke, Teal)
3 Pack (Olive Drab, Sky, Mint)
Single Colors
From the launch of our CPO's, this style has always been the most coveted and popular version. It's not hard to see why. The CharcoalXBlack Wool Herringbone CPO. The pictures tell the story. Enjoy.

This Gustin CPO (Chief Petty Officer) is made out of wool herringbone straight from Japan. The rich colors in this style combined with the weave make it a real stand out. A wool blend in heather charcoal comes together with a jet black in a classic herringbone pattern. The weave allows the black wool to darken up the overall shade and provide a shadow effect to the grey hue. The color variation in the charcoal wool keeps it lively. At 9oz's it's extra versatile. It layers without feeling bulky, while also being able to stand alone on a cool night. The feel is plush and the cotton component makes for much less wool roughness. It's the stand-out CPO.

CharcoalXBlack Wool Herringbone CPO
Plush wool rendered in a beautiful herringbone weave and rich charcoal and brownxblack color combinations. Paired with our 5 pocket fit, sewn right in the USA, offered at a superb value. Be warm this winter in style.

From feel to style, these are simply beautiful pants. Japan is creating some of our favorite wools this season. The color and feel are unbeatable and this style showcases that skill perfectly. The herringbone weave really defines this style. It lends the perfect sense of vintage formality. The v-pattern adds visual texture. The contrasting colors of yarn serve to highlight the herringbone weave. Deep charcoal and earthy brown against jet black. Even from afar, you can detect that this is no ordinary cotton twill. You see the thickness, you see the subtle fibrous texture of classic wool. Putting them on confirms your initial impression but leaves you even more impressed. You instantly feel the wool, but it's quite soft and not itchy. That suppleness comes from the cotton blend composition. These pants are equal parts heft, warmth and comfort in a refreshing way.

CharcoalXBlack Wool Herringbone
BrownXBlack Woool Herringbone
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