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This week’s puzzle competition (and last week’s results and answers)!

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s competition (the results for last week are here as well)! I hope everyone is well! As ever, thank you for all of the amazing feedback I am getting about these competitions... I am constantly trying to come up with different ideas and I definitely think we a

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s competition (the results for last week are here as well)!

I hope everyone is well!

As ever, thank you for all of the amazing feedback I am getting about these competitions... I am constantly trying to come up with different ideas and I definitely think we are due a word puzzle! So here we go...

The definition of def-ini-tion!

I have split the word “definition” into three parts.... All of the 35 puzzles below feature a definition or a clue to a word... and that word will contain the letters “DEF” or “INI” or “TION”. The letters will always appear in that order, in a row, with no letters in between!

For example “donaTION”, “traINIng” or “DEFinitely”...

The number of letters in the word is shown in brackets after the clue...

Once you have the 35 answers, move down to the two wordsearch grids. Within the two grids, you will find 34 of the answers. To win this weeks £25 Happy Puzzle voucher, email the word that is missing to competitions@happypuzzle.co.uk. Closing date 11.59pm on Monday 25th May 2020. The winner will be chosen at random and our decision is final!

Good luck!

Here we go...

  1. Give a new or different meaning to a word (8)
  2. Look at something in extreme detail (10)
  3. Having never been beaten (10)
  4. A measurement of how much sand you picked up at the beach? (8)
  5. Desert your country (6)
  6. A prejudiced belief in the superiority of your own gender (10)
  7. I’m crying, now I’m laughing, I’m happy, now I’m sad (9)
  8. Prevent an explosion (6)
  9. Logical basis for a course of action (9)
  10. Giving and impression that something evil or harmful is about to happen (8)
  11. An amount by which something is less than expect (7)
  12. Certain (8)
  13. So sue me! (10)
  14. Survey enquiry form (13)
  15. The old-school process of using a ruler to emphasise a word or phrase (11)
  16. Soften food as the temperature increases (7)
  17. Personal belief or judgement (7)
  18. Hold back for a later time (5)
  19. Holiday (8)
  20. The smallest possible quantity (7)
  21. Small, stuffed, ring-shaped Italian culinary delight (10)
  22. The deflating part of your payslip (8)
  23. To give a wrong meaning (9)
  24. Scoop the bubbles from the top of the bath (6)
  25. Scandinavian dishwasher powder (6)
  26. Assessor of medical requirement (12)
  27. Covering an entire state (8)
  28. Fiddler (9)
  29. Impossible to describe or give a meaning to (11)
  30. Limitless and without boundaries (8)
  31. The primary person behind a course of action (9)
  32. Sesame seeds reduced to a paste (6)
  33. 1960s female fashion trend-setter (9)
  34. Gavelled agent (10)
  35. Not compulsory (8)

Here come the wordsearch grids... You will find 34 of the 35 words here and of course if you are stuck on any of the words, you can use the wordsearch to help.


And now the answers from last week...

The Great British Game Show Marathon!

Here is a reminder of the clues to the different gameshows - the answers are underneath!

  1. An enquiry seeking those who wish to encounter seven figured wealth
  2. The solid or hollow shape contained by six equal squares
  3. Two-option proposal aimed at creating a transactional conclusion
  4. An over-the-top warmth protector for your cuppa, with absolutely no pattern
  5. Can-do denary
  6. Assuming each segment of a minute knows the number sequence
  7. Command to prepare a rock-breaking tool
  8. A bargain purchase not bettered in ten decades
  9. Familiar quadrangles
  10. Fortunate match lighting
  11. Dirt removal by cloth from external windows
  12. Superman’s sun cream protection level
  13. Enter the brooms at Waitrose
  14. Spouse titles
  15. Celebratory injection after fifty years
  16. Related financial successes
  17. Request for a hint from a group of people
  18. Numerical declining by a large majority feline group
  19. The acceptance of financial value
  20. Raise your voice for personal deception
  21. Au symboled solid or hollow, spherical or egg shaped objects
  22. Roman arena trained fighters
  23. A home with no space moves up and down in the water
  24. Divider examination
  25. An sterling enquiry regarding 252.98221281347 to the power of two
  26. Related people from across our land with the highest wattage
  27. Contained for the purposes of victory
  28. Pre-launch sequencing
  29. Large fracture
  30. Application document header
  31. Complete haul of a champion
  32. Not exceeding or falling short of a complete second-hand circuit
  33. Carat coloured Olympic flag taken apart
  34. Without any reason
  35. Old-fashioned lavatorial flushers, mailed in envelopes
  36. Gratuity mark
  37. Dependents of screen time
  38. 107 added to itself, then again, with digits split
  39. Connector most worn
  40. Higher education gauntlet thrown down
  41. Quick circular walking
  42. Brain containers soft-boiled
  43. A quarter hour of minutes prior to 13.00 hours
  44. Valuable tyre
  45. Querying your intelligence against that of an almost teen
  46. Join, but that is all
  47. Cerebral wind-up
  48. Mid-air expression grab
  49. Generational question posing
  50. Bovine optic
  51. Melodic recall request
  52. Choose between victory, defeat or art
  53. Play with a trilateral or quadrilateral shape
  54. Complete obliteration
  55. Domestic animal success rewarded
  56. Female equine animal in armour
  57. Questioned by an angered Coldplay musician
  58. C'est un coup de grâce à l'international
  59. Pursue for the purpose of catching
  60. Those who remove race starting points

And the answers...

  1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  2. The Cube
  3. Deal Or No Deal
  4. Blankety Blank
  5. Tenable
  6. Every second counts
  7. Take Your Pick
  8. Sale Of The Century
  9. Celebrity Squares
  10. Strike It Lucky
  11. Wipeout
  12. The Krypton Factor
  13. Supermarket Sweep
  14. Mr and Mrs
  15. The Golden Shot
  16. Family Fortunes
  17. Give Us A Clue
  18. 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown
  19. The Price Is Right
  20. Call My Bluff
  21. Golden Balls
  22. Gladiators
  23. Bob’s Full House
  24. Screen Test
  25. The £64,000 Questions
  26. Britain’s Brightest Family
  27. In It To Win It
  28. Countdown
  29. Big Break
  30. Top Of The Form
  31. Winner Takes All
  32. Just A Minute
  33. Five Gold Rings
  34. Pointless
  35. Chain Letters
  36. Tipping Point
  37. Telly Addicts
  38. 3-2-1
  39. The Weakest Link
  40. University Challenge
  41. Runaround
  42. Eggheads
  43. 15 to 1
  44. Wheel Of Fortune
  45. Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?
  46. Only Connect
  47. Brain Teaser
  48. Catchphrase
  49. Ask The Family
  50. Bullseye
  51. Name That Tune
  52. Win, Lose or Draw
  53. The Pyramid Game
  54. Total Wipeout
  55. Pets Win Prizes
  56. Knightmare
  57. Criss Cross Quiz
  58. Jeux Sans Frontiers
  59. The Chase
  60. Blockbusters

The last answer alphabetically was WIPEOUT. A huge number of entries and about 80% of them correct, but our winner of the £25 voucher this week is... ANDREA FORD. Well done!

Bonus Round One - International Game Shows

Here are ten Game Shows with international versions. What are they known as here? The answers are underneath...

  1. Des chiffres et des lettres (France), Γράμματα και Αριθμοί (Greece), A Word Or 2 (South Africa)
  2. Đừng để tiền rơ (Vietnam), Show Me The Money (The Netherlands), Multimilioner (Serbia)
  3. Hunted (Norway), Pursuit (Russia), Challenge The Culture Masters (China)
  4. Quiz Champion (Austria), Questions pour un champion (France), Питання для чемпіонів (Ukraine)
  5. Less Is More (Switzerland), Only You (Poland), Zero With Honours (Italy)
  6. Trato Hecho (Ecuador), Gando Nogand (Sri Lanka), Yes Or No? (Taiwan)
  7. Two Minute Drill (United States), מקבילית המוחות (Israel), Зерде (Kazakhstan)
  8. El juego de los anillos (Spain), Los 5 anillos de or (Chile), خمس خواتم (Saudi Arabia)
  9. Één van de acht (The Netherlands), Am laufenden Band (Germany), Tjocka Släkten (Sweden)
  10. Besiege den Würfel! (Germany), La Sfida (Italy), Kub (Ukraine)


  1. Countdown
  2. The Million Pound Drop
  3. The Chase
  4. Going For Gold
  5. Pointless
  6. Deal Or No Deal
  7. Mastermind
  8. 5 Gold Rings
  9. The Generation Game
  10. The Cube

Bonus Round 2 - How many editions?

Now another bonus round... some Game Shows seem to have been around forever, with quite extraordinary numbers of episodes. Here are 15 well-known ones. All I want you to do is to match them to the number of UK episodes (excluding spin-off shows like ‘Pointless Celebrities’ etc) that have been made. Information is based on the most up-to-date we could find...

Here are the Game Shows we have used...

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, The Weakest Link, The Cube, The Chase, Wipeout, Fifteen To One, Family Fortunes, Deal Or No Deal, Mastermind, Tipping Point, Eggheads, Countdown, Blockbusters, Bullseye, Pointless....

Here is the number of episodes made... can you match the number to the show? The answers are below...

  1. 7207 episodes
  2. 3003 episodes
  3. 2635 episodes
  4. 1830 episodes
  5. 1694 episodes
  6. 1650 episodes
  7. 1541 episodes
  8. 1193 episodes
  9. 1000 episodes
  10. 978 episodes
  11. 625 episodes
  12. 545 episodes
  13. 522 episodes
  14. 345 episodes
  15. 79 episodes


  1. Countdown
  2. Deal Or No Deal
  3. Fifteen To One
  4. Eggheads
  5. The Weakest Link
  6. The Chase
  7. Blockbusters
  8. Pointless
  9. Tipping Point
  10. Mastermind
  11. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  12. Family Fortunes
  13. Wipeout
  14. Bullseye
  15. The Cube

See you all next week! Stay safe!


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