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Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza’s FREE 4-part workshop now and learn how to change your life using the power of your thoughts.
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The Key to Experiencing Your Desired Future NOW
Watch the Entire Free Workshop Now!
Dear Friend,

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

If you said, “check my phone,” then you’re like the majority of people in this busy, ultra-connected world.

This connection can be wonderful, allowing you to catch up with friends and family who inspire and entertain you. But it can also lead to distraction.

Each day, we have to process a massive amount of “noise” that comes our way. And that wastes a lot of valuable energy. When we focus all our attention and energy outward on the distractions of the material world, we can never connect with the inner world to make the changes we desire in life.

If you’d like to learn how to tune out the noise and focus your attention inward in order to create real, lasting changes in your life, I invite you to check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s free, 4-part workshop The Key to Experiencing Your Desired Future NOW.

All four parts of the workshop are available now. Make sure to watch them before they expire in just a few days!
Watch Part 1:
Where Your Attention Goes, Your Energy Flows

Watch Lesson 1 Now
Watch Part 2:
The Biggest Reason People Stop Being Creators in Their Life

Watch Lesson 1 Now
Watch Part 3:
Using Meditation to Create a New Reality for Yourself

Watch Lesson 1 Now
Watch Part 4:
How to Get Beyond Yourself to Create Your Own Destiny

Watch Lesson 1 Now
In Part 1, Dr. Joe teaches you how to redirect your attention and focus energy inward in order to build your electromagnetic energy field and begin the path to a new future.

In Part 2, he explains how to reprogram your thoughts to become magnetically attracted to the positive emotions that allow you to actively choose the future you want.

In Part 3, he reveals how the inner work you do through meditation will connect you to the future you desire.

And in Part 4, he introduces you to a process that brings together everything you learned in the series, so you can apply the principles to your life—and redesign your destiny in the process.

These videos contain powerful messages and techniques that will help you begin to feel your dreams as if they already exist. This is what enables you to reach them faster.

Watch the Workshop for Free

I hope what you’ll learn in this series will help you begin to shift your thoughts—and in turn, shift your life.

Best Wishes,
Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House
What People Have Said About Dr. Joe’s 4-Part Workshop:

“Thank you, Dr. Joe. You are a blessing to humanity and the most helpful teacher I have come across. Working with your meditations, doing your courses is transforming my life…body, mind, and heart. Much healing and grace. Bless you.” —Kiara

“Thank you for the free lessons. They seem to come at the right time for me, and now I feel I am more connected to the Universe than ever. Thank you.” —Patricia

“Thanks so much Dr. Joe!! Really great to have you talk about it so concisely so people who are new can get the gist and be enthused – and for us to get re-enthused to apply ourselves and extract ourselves from the 3-D world that is so compelling…” —Bettina

“I am loving this series of videos, perfect messages and confirmation of my expansion. I decided to surrender yesterday. I was feeling drawn to be by the ocean, so I downloaded your book You are the Placebo and listened to it (wonderful information) as I drove to the ocean. I received intuition of ‘you will find love by the ocean.’ I stayed present and was guided to a spot by the water’s edge, and as I sat there, just 100 metres in front of me a whale jumped up out of the water. I have never seen whales like this before. I stayed and watched them playing in the water for 2 hours. The joy I felt was so beautiful, I realised, this is love. Being in love, being present to the unexpected delights life offers me. I am filled with gratitude for your words and the alignment occurring in my life.” —Kym
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