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Special Offer! Dr. Joe Dispenza’s best-selling book Becoming Supernatural is just $10—plus FREE shipping.
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Becoming Supernatural
Limited-Time Offer - $10 Plus Free Shipping
Dear Friend

We are living through extraordinary times. All these changes, adjustments, uncertainties … well, they’re pushing us to become more extraordinary versions of ourselves.

It sounds daunting, but I truly believe it’s an occasion we can all rise to. In fact, becoming extraordinary—even supernatural—may be the most natural thing in the world.

In his bestseller, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, Dr. Joe Dispenza proves it’s not genetics, luck, or your past that determines what you can achieve.

It’s the passion to change your habits, your health, and ultimately, your life.

As a neuroscientist, author, and researcher, Dr. Dispenza explains how understanding the role that energy and consciousness play in our physical and mental health is the key to unlocking incredible potential.

And now, you can own this inspiring book for just $10 (plus free shipping*).
Becoming Supernatural
Becoming Supernatural
How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Dr. Joe Dispenza

List Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $10.00

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Take a look inside! This excerpt seems particularly relevant as we deal with the increased stress of these uncertain times.

How Stress Hormones Take Over
From a scientific standpoint, living in stress is living in survival. When we perceive a stressful circumstance that threatens us in some way (one for which we cannot predict or control the outcome), a primitive nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system turns on and the body mobilizes an enormous amount of energy in response to the stressor. Physiologically, the body is automatically tapping into the resources it will need to deal with the current danger.

Because of our large brains, human beings are capable of thinking about their problems, reliving past events, or even forecasting future worst-case situations and thus turning on the cascade of stress chemicals by thought alone. We can knock our brains and bodies out of normal physiology just by thinking about an all-too-familiar past or trying to control an unpredictable future.

Therefore, the memory of an event can become branded neurologically in the brain, and that scene becomes frozen in time in our gray matter.

When the fight-or-flight nervous system is switched on and stays on because of chronic stress, the body utilizes all its energy reserves to deal with the constant threat it perceives from the outer environment. Therefore, the body has no energy left in its inner environment for growth and repair, compromising the immune system.

By going within and changing our unconscious thoughts, automatic habits, and reflexive emotional states—which can become hardwired in our brains and emotionally conditioned in our bodies—we become more committed to believing in a new future than believing in a familiar past.

Using examples from his long career, Dr. Dispenza takes you on a journey into your subconscious and explains:
  • How to free yourself from the past by reconditioning your mind
  • The body’s 7 energy centers and how you can balance them to heal
  • How you can create your reality by changing your energy
  • The difference between third-dimension creation and fifth-dimension creation
  • The secret science of the pineal gland and its role in accessing mystical realms of reality
  • The distinction between Space-Time vs. Time-Space realities
… and much more.

“You already have all the anatomy, chemistry, and physiology you need to become supernatural sitting latent within you, waiting to be awakened and activated.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza

You’ll come away from reading Becoming Supernatural with an enlightened mindset and the tools to transform yourself—body and soul.

And given the increasingly challenging times we’re in, we’re finding Dr. Dispenza’s teachings especially powerful. That’s why we’re offering Becoming Supernatural for only $10 (plus free shipping*) right now. But don’t wait because this special offer expires at 11:59 PM PT on July 12.

Remember, while we can’t control what’s happening around us, we can become more resilient, more flexible, and more prepared to succeed in any environment.

Wishing you the best,
Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House
*Prices valid only while supplies last. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases. Free shipping in U.S. and Canada only. Offer ends at 11:59 PM PT on July 12, 2020. Click here for our shipping policies.

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Becoming Supernatural
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