5 Questions to Answer Before Setting Personal Goals

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“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.”
~Joseph Barbara

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Want to set new personal goals for yourself but unsure about the best way forward? Here's an activity by Christopher Littlefield that'll help you reflect on your past and help you prepare yourself for the future. Read the article to know the 5 questions you should ask yourself while setting personal goals.
by Christopher Littlfield

The Upside of Being an Underdog
Research shows that more people can achieve success when they think that others view them as underdogs. How can underdogs motivate themselves and their teams? Read this article to know how to be successful when you're an underdog at work.
by Samir Nurmohamed

4 Signs Your Job Might Be in Jeopardy
How do you know your job is in danger? It's hard to anticipate layoffs, especially because most of them are very sudden and can't always be pre-empted. However, there are 4 warning signs that you can help you stay aware and prepare yourself for any anticipated layoff. Read this article to know how to avoid being blindsided by a layoff.
by Susan Peppercorn

A Short Guide to Strategy for Successful Entrepreneurs
Are you an entrepreneur trying to establish a successful business? Here is a guide to help you create your winning business strategy.
by Kevin J. Boudreau

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