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Asian Giant Hornet ft. Cassie of Washington State Department of Agriculture

Email sent: Nov 9, 2020 2:15pm

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Join Nicole and Cassie as they take an in-depth look at the Asian Giant Hornet or Murder Hornet as it has recently been dubbed.

What You'll Learn

What you'll learn:

  • Asian Giant Hornets native environment, behavior, and lifecycle
  • Hornets risk to people
  • Asian Giant Hornets risk to beekeepers
  • How the title Murder Hornet came to be
  • What action you should take if you see one and how to properly identify an Asian Giant Hornet
  • The possibility of spread to other areas of the US and Canada

Our Guest

Cassie is the Asian giant hornet outreach and education specialist with the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Resources & Links Mentioned

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Thank you for listening!
-Nicole Gennetta
Backyard Bounty Host

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