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Flow Hive Co-Inventor Stu Anderson Talks Beekeeping History, Flow Hive Benefits & Common Complaints

Email sent: Jun 22, 2020 2:18pm

I hope you enjoy the latest episode from the Backyard Bounty Podcast


Join Nicole and Stu Anderson as they talk all about the Flow Hive, including some of the common complaints found online!


  • What are the benefits of the flow hive
  • Get to know Stu’s beekeeping experience
  • Why Stu and his son made the Flow Hive
  • Beekeeping in Australia vs the US
  • Stu addresses common complaints about the Flow Hive


In this episode, Nicole talks to Stu Anderson, co-inventor of the Flow Hive.

A long-time tinkerer, Stu has built several houses over the years (including the one in which Cedar was raised, and where Stu still lives with his partner, Michele) and co-designed and built an off-grid solar and water-powered electricity supply to serve a dozen homes on the cooperative.

He’s also a life-long beekeeper and before the Andersons’ incredible invention became all-consuming, was the manager of a not-for-profit community organisation based in Lismore, NSW. As well as having a hand in the daily decision-making at Flow, Stu is the man on the mic, talking Flow Hive at numerous business and beekeeping conferences and other events, in Australia and abroad.

Stu is still an avid beekeeper with a passion for the natural world and a family man with four kids and nine grandchildren. Stu alos plays mandolin in a bush band.


An invention that has revolutionized the beekeeping industry – the Flow Hive contains Flow Frames, a world-first technology which allows the beekeeper to harvest honey straight from the hive without disturbing the bees.

Regarded as the most significant advancement in beekeeping since 1852, the Flow Hive has removed the need for expensive processing equipment making the fascinating world of beekeeping much more accessible.

Beekeeping has been in the Anderson family for three generations. A love for the bees and the natural world has always been an important part of the lives of the father-son inventing team behind the idea, Stuart and Cedar Anderson. It all started because Cedar felt bad about bees being crushed during the honey harvest. He was sick of being stung and having to spend a whole week harvesting the honey from his small, semi-commercial apiary.


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-Nicole Gennetta
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