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New Superfood Snacks Offering Essential Nutrition

Chili Lime, Smokehouse, + No Soy Teriyaki Chicken Sticks!

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Chili Lime, Smokehouse, + No Soy Teriyaki Chicken Sticks!
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Ovation Foods

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Dear Hive Members,


Introducing an innovative new line of SUPERFOOD high protein snacks from OVATION FOODS.

Ovation Foods CHICKEN STICKS are a nutrient-dense whole-food protein snack that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.  Each naturally smoked stick packs in the nutrition from only a few ingredients; lightly seasoned 100% chicken breast and one wholesome egg.

These powerful new snacks are a true “1st ever” bio-functional food with Eggsentials -a nutritional breakthrough in food technology made from what is long-considered “Natures Multivitamin”- EGGS!

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Eggs are recognized as a “functional food” that contain a wide variety of essential nutrients and bioactive compounds.  A whole egg contains a wealth of completely natural, high-quality nutrients: proteins, essential vitamins and minerals (every single vitamin & mineral, except C), antibodies like immunoglobulin (IgY), lysozymes (provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties), lutein & zeaxanthin (antioxidants/carotenoids for good eye & vision health), to only just name a few.

With this innovative ingredient Eggsentials, Ovation Foods has cracked-the code on unlocking the whole egg as a complete source of naturally occurring proteins and valuable bio-functional components in a convenient, shelf-stable, palatable whole egg product that retains the egg’s “raw & natural” health benefits.  During the heating and cooking process, the proteins of an egg often become denatured, while sensitive vitamins are easily destroyed when exposed to heat, air, or water.  Ovation Foods has incorporated a patented technology to produce & pasteurize a safe and convenient whole egg product that retains the natural bio-functional benefits.

Unlike anything else on the market, each 1.6 ounce CHICKEN STICK touts a whopping 20 grams of ProteinZERO Sugar175mg of Choline and over 35 additional naturally occurring nutrients from egg (Eggsentials) that support whole body health.  If you have never heard of some of the nutrients named above, the one to remember is Choline (an essential brain nutrient, deficient in 92% of Americans) and is critical to supporting brain health, focus and cognitive function. This superfood ingredient is not a messy powder or a liquid; it is in fact, a shelf-stable Dried Whole Egg Bead that can nutritionally transform everyday foods, just like Ovation Foods’ CHICKEN STICKS. Egg is one of the best single dietary food sources of choline. Each amazingly delicious and incredibly nutritious CHICKEN STICK provides 30% Daily Value (DV) of this essential nutrient.

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Straight from the smokehouse to your house-with three delicious initial offerings; No Soy Teriyaki, Chili Lime and Smokehouse Original.


When it comes to the environmental impact of food and agriculture, OVATION FOODS carefully chooses ingredients that use less land, less water and releases less greenhouse gas than most other meat sources. *Compared to Beef, (per calorie) Chicken & Egg require 28 x less land, 11x less water/irrigation, release 5x less greenhouse gases, and have 6x less nitrogen requirements.  

*PNAS August 19, 2014 111 (33) 11996-12001 Based on US Diets


Our pledge, our mission is to give back, focusing on initiatives for the good of our global communities launching the ONE ANOTHER 501c3 organization that will help fight child malnourishment globally.


In months ahead, OVATION FOODS will be introducing CHICKEN STRIPS and the Eggsentials as a stand-alone ingredient for giving a nutrient boost to any food or drink recipe.

Be sure to check out OVATION FOODS for an exclusive 20% discount to HoneyColony subscribers!

Use code "HONEYCOLONY" at checkout for 20% off!

Shop Ovation Foods

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