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How to Train Like a Champion

Train like a champion


Welcome to our short email series on winning. Over the next couple weeks we’ll send you tips for how to train, eat and compete — all with the goal of optimizing your personal fitness.

Feeling inspired? Then stick with us for the win.

First up, how to train like a champion.

Research shows workouts comprised of short bursts of intense effort are the most effective way to train, whether your goal is weight loss, performance or longevity.


When your body reaches maximum effort, it naturally stimulates human growth hormone (HGH). Elevated levels of HGH are associated with increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat and higher energy.

Doing HIIT efforts or sprint intervals requires you to push yourself to your limit and spend time in the anaerobic zone.

Sprint intensity is different for everybody. Know the signs so you can tell if you've crossed this “magic” threshold:


You should be out of breath to the point where it’s difficult to speak.

Muscle burn

You should feel a burning sensation as you strive to move your legs as fast as you can.

Increase in body temp

Research shows an increase in one degree is a good benchmark. An easier indicator is a lot of sweat.

These may all sound obvious, but this level of effort is hard to sustain because it’s uncomfortable. Fortunately, sprints and intervals are, by definition, short. (And you should feel great after.)

How to fit HIIT into your life.

The ideal interval workout is 8 30-second sprints, each followed by a 90 second active recovery. This workout only takes about 20 minutes and shouldn’t be done every day. (Make it easy with home cardio with integrated Sprint 8 programming.) Here’s a sample weekly training plan that incorporates sprint workouts with recovery and strength days to round out your efforts and maximize your results.


20 min Sprint 8 workout

15 min stretching or yoga


30 min strength training

15 min walk


20 min Sprint 8 workout

15 min stretching or yoga


30 min strength training

15 min walk


20 min Sprint 8 workout

15 min stretching or yoga


30 min strength training

15 min walk


45 min brisk walk

People of all fitness levels have seen transformative results in just eight weeks of following the Sprint 8 program. Start training like a champion today with a Horizon treadmill. Use code WIN5 and save. 

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