How to exercise in extreme heat.

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Stay cool in the heat


This summer has already delivered record-breaking temperatures, and it’s only mid-July. It has many of us rearranging our plans to avoid exposure to excessive heat, and rethinking if an outdoor exercise routine is a reliable plan.

Fortunately, a panel of exercise scientists have put together a list of recommendations for exercising in the heat. The upcoming Olympics inspired the research as a way to help athletes train, but the recommendations can help everyone.

Read below for the key takeaways and read the full article here

1) Schedule strategically.

Workout in the morning or find a shady path as opposed to a sunny concrete street. Or, if you have air conditioning, take your runs indoors with a home treadmill

2) Fortify yourself with cool.

Freeze your underwear (!), mist yourself with cool water or put a cool washcloth on your neck before you head outdoors.

3) Get sweaty to acclimate.

If you want to be able to work out in the heat, you can gradually warm your body up to the experience. Take short, mid-day runs in the full sun once or twice a week to get used to it. If you are sweating early and profusely, that’s a good sign your body is acclimating.

4) Take a warm shower post workout.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but a warm shower after a workout is a safe way to extend the acclimatization process.

5) Know when to stop.

Dizziness, nausea, headache or cramping are all signs of heat illness. Know the signs and stop if you experience any of them. Heat illness impairs judgement, which presents an extra challenge to recognizing when you’re in peril. Therefore, it’s smart to exercise with a partner.

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