A long time ago, in a cubicle farm far, far away...

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Futureproof your standing desk with our exclusive Bluetooth sync and smartphone apps
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A long time ago, in a cubicle farm far, far away...
Desk workers enjoyed bountiful ergonomic accommodations. Standing desks, monitor arms, keyboard trays, standing mats, and 17-lever chairs. Professional ergonomists roamed the halls to ensure no worker suffered ergonomic injury, and all could achieve peak human performance.

Then came a monumental change that would permanently disrupt this placid corporate scene... a pandemic that forced all office workers to evacuate to their domiciles, yet to continue to perform their duties at kitchen tables, on sofa couches, and at best, primitive home office desks. Zoom fatigue would set in.

At first, field commanders assured their troops that the evacuation would last only a few months. More than one year later, only 25% of workers had returned to their posts. Realization set in that WFH may be permanent for some, "hybrid" for others. What would become of the ergonomic woes of these forces that would need to continue to work from home? What would their future hold?

The future has arrived, with iMovR's advanced fleet of Bluetooth-equipped sit-stand desks to restore order and efficiency to the workday of millions of stranded workers. The Lander Desks with tens of thousands of customization options to perfectly fit every home office space and décor. The ZipDesk with its unique ability to be re-boxed and reshipped to any future work camp. Factory pre-assembled with setups in minutes. Made-in-America quality. 100-day satisfaction guarantees and industry-leading warranties.

Relief is here. Save some silver with our Silver Sale - discounts of up to 15% off your entire shopping cart* and free shipping - but only when action is taken before the planet completes its full rotation on May 10, in the year 2021. May the 4th be with you!
The iMov Silver Sale
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* Enter the coupon code on the Shopping Cart page before checkout to apply your discount. This sale expires Monday, May 10. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Discount will apply to everything purchased ONLY when a full desk system or DIY standalone base frame is in the cart. Discount does not apply to shipping upgrades.
Futureproof Your Standing Desk With Bluetooth
Not only was iMovR the first manufacturer to make a standing desk powered with Bluetooth and a smartphone app, by later this year we'll be the first to have this technology integrated into ALL of our standing desks.

Why are we blazing this path for the industry? Through research and development we have established the importance of touchless technology and IoT in the office furniture space. And as the leading company developing ergodynamic technology (read about the difference between ergodynamics and basic ergonomics here) we anticipate that Bluetooth will be in everything from electronic monitor arms to office treadmills by later this year, and even more supporting workstation accoutrements in the years to come.

Our Lander Desks pioneered the smartphone desk control and health coach app in 2018, followed by the Lander Lite line in 2019. This month we released the iMovR Ergodynamics App for our ZipDesk, which will be continuously enhanced to control not just simple things like desk height but to sync up all the motorized components of your active workstation with a single tap.

And the best part? The app enables each user to carry their own personalized settings and activity tracking data with them wherever they go, from home office to the corporate campus (think "hot desks"), hotel business centers and airport lounges, co-working spaces, and more.

Our Exclusive Bluetooth-Enabled Standing Desks
All proudly made in the USA, ANSI/BIFMA certified, with industry-leading warranties
  • Ships by FedEx Ground within 24 hours
  • Sets up in under 8 minutes, no toolbox required
  • State-of-the-art dual-motor electric lift; 265 lb lift capacity
  • Programmable digital controller w/LCD readout and Bluetooth
  • Smartphone app - carry your own height settings with you
  • Can be easily re-boxed and reshipped on to your next workplace
Lander Desk
  • 95% factory pre-assembled, installs in 3 minutes, no tools!
  • 'Gesture' paddle enables smooth, double-tap height adjustment
  • Bluetooth-enabled controller works with free smartphone app
  • Built-in health coach increases standing time more than 2x
  • Touchless controls for hot desks and shared spaces
  • Whisper-quiet dual motors with 365lbs lift capacity
  • Quickship options available
Lander Lite Desk
  • 90% pre-assembled; sets up in just 8 minutes, no toolbox req'd
  • Same tech-forward features as the Lander, but lighter duty
  • Whisper-quiet motors, 225 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Over 20 options in ultra-durable 3D-laminated surfaces
  • 45 options in hand-crafted, heirloom quality solid wood tops
  • Also available in a Compact 24" model for shallower spaces
Captain's Desk
  • Designed by Vincent Leman
  • Heirloom-quality desktops made of top-grade Baltic birch
  • Based on the Lander Lite base platform
  • Davenport-style features like built-in drawer
  • Future-proof Bluetooth-sync'd controller with free mobile app
  • Arrives 90% factory pre-assembled; no toolbox required!
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