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posted by SEEUS95 Inc.

May 4, 2021 • 9:19AM PDT

Delays in Mass Production

Dear Backers, 

As mentioned in the last update,  we have been waiting for the transparent mask prototype and our manufacturer had confirmed that they would send 3 weeks ago and they did  not send the units until this week.  We have finally received the units and we have major issues with the silicone, see pictures below.   We are not satisfied with the supplier of the silicone, due to the issues of tearing and bubbling. These errors can be fixed with the right formula adjustment for attaining the right flex and by using a vacuum process during the cure phase.  From our analysis, it looks like the material used was TPR and not LSR. The material should be LSR silicone and not TPR.  In light of this error and due to the delays, our manufacturers have engaged a new supplier for making a new steel injection mold. The bubbling should have been fixed with a vacuum process during the curing phase the first time the new silicone manufacturer has guaranteed this will be fixed, by ensuring that LSR is used.


Based on the analysis of the first units we just received, see pictures and video below, revisions have made to the filter cartridge and mask form.  The filter popped in and stays in place, however the silicone there depending on the flex and expansion of the face and silicone, there may be a small chance the filter may fall out so we revised the filter detail to maintain a better grip on the silicone. The air seal between the cartridge and the silicone can still be tested.   We have changed the filter detailing so there is a better fit on the silicone seal, see CAD drawing below.  The new supply manufacturer has been revising the silicone formula for the mask to eliminate any bubbling with a vacuum  process while the silicone sets in the injection mold. The rigidity of the silicone is also being revised and we have confirmation that this will be attainable with the new batch and testing. We have revised the 3D model for making another steel injection mold to correct the issues found in the first unit. 

The most clear and formed mask B1 we have received today, we cannot test the full mask but we are contacting our friends at MIT to see if we can test the filter area and cartridge connection to the silicone.


Figure A: preliminary silicone test batch for steel mold form.

Figure B1: First batch of initial formula for transparent silicone, crack occurred and bubbling, rejected 

Figure B2: Second batch- second formula for silicone, significantly less bubbling and clarity, still some minor cracks, visually improved but not optimal, improvement with formula will improve further.  Formula for this batch is very rigid and will be improved with the next batch.

    Figure C: Side angle view of opening without filter cartridge in B2 sample batch
    Figure D1: Top view of filter cartridge inside B2 test 3 shows r filter cartridge fits secure, but- failure in flexibility and softness, may cause filter to pop out. New filter frame detail and mask form and housing detail for filter is being sent to manufacturer for new steel mold and filter mold based on this analysis.
    Figure D2: Side elevation view showing filter cartridge with in B2 test 3 sample.  Lodged in place and when force is applied the filter stays in place. a significant amount of pressure is needed to pop out. How ever the flexibility of the silicone will be improved, there for new detail is required for fit in instances of extensive expansion or stress on silicone mask.

 project video thumbnail

     We are working non stop and will not rest until we deliver your rewards, we thank you for your patience and positive support.

The images below are the revised filter and mask form for large size which will be set for new steel mold injection, next week. 

 We will not give up and we are still persevering on this for delivery, so we will continue to update you on the progress.  This is a new design using materials in a new way so many of the manufacturers we spoke to have not done this type of design before.  Please note that there is a significant difference in the production process between prototype and mass production. The models that were used in the campaign were hand made prototypes, so this phase of mass production was not done before. 

We again must state that we are in gut-wrenching agony that this is taking longer with delays and apologize for the wait, and most of all, we are grateful you are part of this amazing community of innovators. Together we will prevail.

More updates to come.

Love and Light 

the SEEUS95 Team

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