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Jun 28, 2020 • 5:36PM PDT

Blind Study Results and Shipping Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience and support for us as we near the finish line to begin sending products into the wild.  We even tested the first few shipments this week to test our onboarding process!  We also had more big milestones this week ironing out our last adhesive weld issue, finishing up our final Signal testing station, and getting our App ready to go live.  With this new technology, we are having to create many processes from scratch, and I'm very proud of our team for their work so far.

As we iron out the shipping process, we will be shipping more and more each day to our fulfillment center to begin sending them out.  As long as there are no more fires, we should be sending out dozens more later next week and then much larger amounts the week of the 6th.  Between COVID, shutdowns, forced curfew, and equipment delays, it feels like a game of wack-a-mole each day with these fires.  Patience is not my strong suit, but my drive for excellence far outweighs my desire to ship products that aren't ready.  Thank you all for bearing with us over the next few weeks for us to get all of these out to you.

I was also honored to be spotlighted this week for LaunchPad news on Hapbee.  Check it out:

Lastly, I wanted to share with everyone our exciting user study results over the past 5 weeks of tests. Very promising, especially to have 100% success in blinded studies in our onboarded users.  Below is a blurb from our CSO, Brian Mogen (PHD):

"Anecdotal User Exposures
Dozens of people were exposed during private meetings throughout the fundraising and initial engineering process. We collected responses from over 135 users trying Hapbee signals on either legacy Voyager hardware or early Hapbee prototypes in an open-use setting for variable time periods and found that over 91% felt the signal they chose in a one-off, unblinded situation in total.

By signal we saw response rates were similar across all signals with between 90-94% of people responding that they felt something. Some users were not able to describe the sensation well after a single exposure but noted a definite response.
Just like with drugs we saw and expect to see a subset of the population (~10%) that appear to be low/non-responders. There could be many reasons why a signal may work for one user but not another.

Closed Beta Tests
Onboarding and Signal Familiarity 
We focused first on exploring the user onboarding processes and learning how long it takes for a new user to feel confident in feeling a specific signal. We were also able to instrument some of these users with Heart Rate tracking using high-fidelity Polar hardware.

So far we found that an onboarding process of 3 sessions/signal and 30 min/session is appropriate to get users familiar with all of the signals, which serves as the basis for our in-app onboarding flow.
We used a pre-and post-survey UWIST survey instrument to gauge the emotional affect of users before and after stimulation as well as self-reports of whether users felt the signal they expected based on the signal descriptions present in-app. Across 93 sessions users reported feeling their expected signal 73% of the time with response rates increasing to >90% after repeated use. Across users, we found that the majority of users responded to all signals, but one user only responded to one signal, this is in line without low/non-responder statistics from open-label use.
To date, 100% of beta testers have found at least one signal that they feel and enjoy.
We also found that there were no significant effects on heart rate to date (fluctuations >15bpm while sitting quietly during testing). In one user we were able to also collect blood pressure readings during the session have found no notable fluctuations of blood pressure readings during a stimulation session to date.

Discrimination and Blinding
We moved from onboarding to testing whether users could tell the difference between two signals and sham. In a series of tests we exposed onboarded users to two sessions and asked them to identify a blinded third session as follows:
30 min Signal A
5 min break
30 min Signal B
5 min break
30 min Signal A/B/[Sham(no signal) included in some sessions] (blinded)
Guess blinded signal

In these tests with pre-exposure blinded users were able to correctly discriminate signal from sham in 100% of cases. When limited to Signal A or Signal B (no sham included) users were able to correctly identify the signal in 100% of cases. In some sham experiments users correctly identified the signal as ‘on’ but misidentified the signal when choosing between similar feelings (Calm and Relax).
We sped up the experimental design and removed the pre-exposure periods and noted a degradation in user’s ability to tell signal from sham:
20 min Signal A/Sham (blinded)
User Guess

Our correct response rate was 70% in which was still greater than chance in but does align with the subtle feeling of Hapbee signals.

As with any scientific process, we also tried several experimental designs and variations that ended up being flawed for one reason or another.

We are continuing to scale up and expand our user research as launch hardware comes off the manufacturing line while maintaining best practices in line with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

From May 15 to Jun 19 we’ve logged just shy of 80 hours of stimulation time with test users with no negative experiences reported.
76.17555556 Hours (thru 6/19)"


Scott Donnell

CEO, Hapbee

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