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May 4, 2021 • 4:46AM PDT



Dear Backers


As some misinformation seems to spread fast we have to clear out misunderstandings being made in regards to our products, pricing and VAT setup.


Some people have commented on the City M bike sold on our current STRØM City W campaign being one of our previous designs 3 years old.


This is NOT the case. It is an early release of our new City M 2.0.


Same look as the old one but with many upgrades including updated electronics, batteries, motors, wires and software etc. 


Some of you have also been confused in regards to our discounted price on Indiegogo.


The discount price is benchmarked on our future estimated retail price. We have not even begun retail sales on our own platform yet, but have been offering bikes from our last campaign at a similar ‘campaign’ price point. We are NOT going to be selling at the retail price before we see stability in the market and have delivered bikes from this previous campaign.. that would not be fair to you and does not comply with our values.


Please also keep in mind you will receive a VERY competitive bike when taking quality, design and pricing into a combined consideration regardless of the future retail price. 


We are still a startup with a vulnerable financial situation. Therefore, in the future, we will have to push pricing up to become established and competitive with the bigger players.

VAT and duties. 


To all European customers, we have charged a 25% VAT as we are only able to import to Denmark. We are aware that some of you have a lower VAT living in Germany or the Netherlands, but as we trade inside of the European union the country of import determines the applicable rate. 


This would be the same thing if you order from another website located in another country within the EU. 


The 6% duty is the same rate regardless of the country of import. 


Our handling fee is being forwarded to the company making our invoice system and handling our Duties, taxes and filing of documents. 


We are very sorry if the information has not been clear to you. 


On Indiegogo it is not possible to collect taxes and duties upfront as we sell to many different countries and continents with different rates. It was done the same way on our 2 previous campaigns, and if you are familiar with crowdfunding, this a very common practice. 


We have been honest about it from the beginning including it in our marketing, communication, FAQ, price list etc. 


At the end of the day, we have received more than 70% of payments already without any complaints. We hope that this will be for reflection concerning the VAT and duties payment. 


Please keep patience and positive a little bit longer 


We have faced a lot of negative feedback being spread on social media and would encourage those of you to stay patient and positive with us for a little longer. Assumptions and rumours are dangerous for the project as they turn into a snowball effect against us.

If we have a lack of communication on our end we apologize deeply. But at the end of the day, it's better to ask or request information in a future update or from our customer support than spreading information that is simply made out of assumptions, rumours or lack of information.  

In regards to our refund policy, we are not in a position to cancel orders or refund without precautions as we have locked our finances in production invested in your new e-bikes. As we don't have a strong financial situation like the bigger companies, we are not able to cancel bikes from one end to another even though we would like to for those who wish so. 

This risk of low temporary cash flow can affect a lot of people if we don't manage it the right way. Therefore we will have to stick to our policy of a 14 day refund period after we deliver the bikes and then hopefully be able to turn around a difficult situation.

As described on Indiegogo crowdfunding is no regular purchase, you have donated an amount towards a project with a great product in return. We will deliver all bikes as we have done in the past.

(note the date in the screenshot is changing - you have 10 days full refund after ordering and while the campaign was open.)

We need your support for the final run


We live and breathe for making some truly amazing ebikes, and we need your support now more than ever! It is very important for us to receive your support online through positive comments on Indiegogo and social media as the people being very frustrated speak with the voice of 100 people. We need the positive voice to be heard as well, as we know most of you are either very satisfied with your e-bikes if you participated in the past, or are still staying patient and supportive. 


Again we understand anyone being frustrated, which we truly are as well. Not being able to do business as usual and deliver on our promises yet has been an extremely difficult situation to manage. 


Because of the misunderstandings, we have had to spend a lot of time answering messages back and forth. We hope for your last bit of patience for us to focus on what really matters - delivering some great ebikes before the summer begins. 


Kind regards, 

Nichlas // CEO and founder

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