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posted by Steffi Junghaus

May 4, 2021 • 7:55PM PDT

Update #42: AMA Follow-up


Dear backers,


Thank you (all 100+ of you) for joining us in the Indiegogo Zoom AMA last week. In case you missed it, here’s a link to a recording:


Watch on YouTube


Here are the most frequently asked questions that we didn’t have time to get to:


  • How many printers do you have and how fast can you make bikes with each printer?

We have 6 printers in Milpitas (mostly for R&D), and in Vietnam, we have 12 printers working with another 58 at varying stages of completion, all scheduled to be running at full speed by the end of June. We will have print times for bikes down to nearly one frame per day per machine. Post processing (sanding, painting, etc.) takes another day or so per frame. Plan is to run our print farm 24/7.


  • What are the weights of the C, E and the Solo?

The final weight will depend on your size. If you are a 160 cm tall, 50 kg female, then the frame will be about 1.8kg. Over time, we will get this weight down as our print algorithms improve.


  • What is the status of the carbon wheels and the weight? Those backers who also backed CF wheels. Will they get bikes later in the year?

The CF wheels are more complicated than we thought but we have been making great progress. Please keep in mind that the wheels in the update #37 is a very early prototype to test the structure of the wheels. Our team is preparing another wheels update in the month of May.


  • Why is the light not as in the original design? Install standard lights on the handlebar and below the saddle. Can we have this option? Controllable?

As mentioned in the previous update, we decided to keep the lights as shown now because of safety and compliance concerns per various local market regulations (requiring sideways illumination) 


  • Is there a specific groupset that you will send us? Which components exactly are those that will be delivered until July 2022?

You can see the build kit here. You can find the parts that will be delivered next year. 


  • With the Solo E, will the motor be sufficient to go uphill (e.g., a 7% grade)? 

Yes, no problem. The pedal assist on the Superstrata Solo E will handle a hill just fine. Please note that if you do choose to convert your bike to a Solo (i.e., get a Solo now in the June to September timeframe and then get the Standard groupset components sent to you when we get them next year vs. just waiting until next year to get your bike w/ the Standard groupset built in), we will need to know by the 11:59PM US PT, May 9, 2021.


If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to Heidi.

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