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Jun 13, 2021 • 6:51PM PDT

June 13 Update

Hello BusyBox Backers!  


Here is our latest update.  It's mostly good news, but the news on the Global Chip Shortage has not changed for us ... yet.  But we REALLY hope that summer time will slow sales of computers, tablets, TVs and phones ... and we know a lot of vaccination centers are done with many of their tablets, so maybe, just maybe, the global demand for video chips will come around soon.  Many fingers (and toes) crossed.  As you'll see, once we get our chips, we are ready to build, build, build and we are SO excited to get the Digitals out to everyone.


Let’s get the bad news over with.  We still don’t have our video driver chips for the BusyBox D and we’re full-on working on a redesign for a new chipset (our third).  That way, we’ll have 3 different options to choose from as soon as this global chip supply shortage starts to move back to normal.  We are very optimistic about the summer bringing a slow-down in demand and the hoarding of chips by big companies stops and we can buy what we need.  Many fingers crossed.


But, let’s spend some time on how fun/great the BusyBox D is.  I’ve shot the video and posted some shots for everyone to check out here for you for two reasons, first, so you can see how great the quality is and secondly, so you can imagine what fun you’ll have making your own messages.   You can start today if you want, the image size is 1280 x 480 for image uploads.  And the message maker built into the app has a bunch of fonts and all your emoji's to choose from. 


Watch on YouTube


A quick reminder, if you are waiting on a BusyBox D and need to use a BusyBox now, you can either a) swap your BusyBox D for two BusyBox S (we have plenty in stock) or b) we will give you a campaign level price on a BusyBox S so you can have one to use (and enjoy) as we wait for the BusyBox D build to complete.  Your price is well below the street price, so you’ll get all your money back if you decide to sell it later.  Email us for more details.  Info at BusyBoxSign  com …  dot left out intentionally. 


We are shipping BusyBox S every day on Amazon and from our website.  If you contributed to getting a BusyBox S and have NOT gotten it yet, please contact us.   It probably means that you have not confirmed your "ship to" address in Backerkit.  Please email us at info at BusyBoxSign ... com.  


Let’s talk about integrations for a bit.  Siri is done and coming once Apple approves it.  Google Assistant is coming soon too.  Google Calendar is underway as well.  For Apple users, you’ll be excited to know we are also starting to work on the iOS 15 “Focus Mode” API.  This could be a really cool integration for Apple platform users.  


AND we also want to hear from you when it comes to integrations.  There are a lot of other software packages we plan to integrate with.  Our list has more than 25 apps already and we add more every week.  But, we’d also like to hear from you.  So, below is a link to a survey asking your opinion on integrations and priority.  Please let us know what you’d like us to work on, and in what order, by filling out the survey found at the link below. 


We've also completely redesigned the Modern cover (that's why it's not shipping yet).  We finally found, after many failed attempts, a great way to have a cover that allows for not only a great look when used with the battery, but also access to run the BusyBoxes (both models) while being charged OR for a permanently plugged in setup.  Check out the photo below to see the prototype of the desing (3D printed version). 


We also have some lemons to turn into lemonade.   Our 10-pack message kit maker in LA made our full order and then, about a week after we got them we got an urgent call from them. “WAIT!  Don’t ship them!!  The ink wasn’t fully dry on some of them and they will look crackled once it dries.  And they were right, it’s fully cracking… and it looks cool as can be.  They look like they came right out of a vintage sign that’s been around for decades. 


Check out the image below of the Vintage Style Signs.  Cool right? You'll still be able to get the standard, non-vintage looking signs too.  Both options will exist. 



We’re going to put these up for sale as “vintage style” for those of you who like the style and work on figuring out how to make more.  


Lastly, we’ve been watching what you guys are doing for us on social media. Helping to clear up questions about the D, posting cool photos, giving the product praise and helping others to understand the BusyBox products.  


WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!  But we want to try… 


What we can do (and have started doing) is collect what we find on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., and keep track of your help and support in a tracker folder, then once a month we will pick someone from the “BusyBox helper team” folder and send them a gift.  Maybe you want a stand. Maybe a button. How about some spare covers?  We will hook someone up each month with a gift as a small token of appreciation.  So keep posting, supporting and sharing.  We are watching and we love what you’re doing for us.  We appreciate it more than we can express in words.


As always, if you have any questions contact us at info at BusyBoxSign … com.  As SOON as we have more updates on the chips we have on backorder we will let you all know right away.  Have a great day and thanks for your continued support!!!

Keep busy!  

Your BusyBox team

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