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Email sent: May 4, 2021 3:58am

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The Exerbell: Fitness Made Simple team just posted.

posted by Exerbell GmbH

May 4, 2021 • 12:52AM PDT

Production Update May 3, 2021

Hey Team Exerbell members,

we hope you had a great start into the week. Here are 3 things we'd want to share with you:

1. Buckles arrived: after the mentioned unexpected capacity issues from the buckle manufacturer, they have finally arrived. This is a super important piece of the construction since the force on the Exerbell can be quite high, depending on the load and exercise


2. Cutting and printing: we have started cutting the materials as well as printing. Once this is done then the pieces can be put together.

Color proofs before mass printing

Watch on YouTube

3. We were positively surprised by everyone who reached out to us expressing their support for the unexpected issues we ran into as first-time creators during Covid. Thank you so much! In February, everything was still going as planned...until things didn't. We learned that producing very large quantities is very different than very small quantities. Lots of things can go wrong in the transition from small to big, as well as Covid-related effects, and these are the challenges we've been dealing with. 

Next step: putting things together and quality control. Stay tuned for our next update!

Questions? Drop us a line: [email protected]


Have a strong week,

Tommy, Wai-On & Jeremy

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