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New Campaign Update!

The NightBuds - smart earbuds for better sleep team just posted.

posted by Kokoon Technology

May 4, 2021 • 6:47AM PDT

Pilot Production and first look at fully packaged Nightbuds

Working 5-9

It’s been another whirlwind few weeks for the team here at Kokoon, with exciting developments with both Nightbuds and MyKokoon.

As planned, we have now completed our Pilot Production run of Nightbuds! This is a really exciting milestone for the team, as it’s the first time we have produced the Nightbuds using the final tools and assembly line procedures we’ll be moving into mass manufacture with.

Some small 'bugs' were found in the production line, which we will need to iron out following this pilot run but, reassuringly, there were no major issues or surprises. Having passed an initial inspection at the factory in China, the PP units are now on their way to the team in the UK for a final review ahead of mass manufacture of our first 4000 units beginning in May.

Ahead of final sign off before mass manufacture, some small modifications regarding the buttons on the device are being made. The results of these modifications will be tested in mid-May. We’re also pleased to announce that the Nightbuds have now passed certification with no issues.

We’ve also been working with the factory on the travel charging case. We’ll be updating you all with photos shortly, however we have now been able to confirm the final price. The case will be on sale for RRP $69 in the US (regional prices may vary due to local taxes) and we will be offering all of our Kickstarter backers a discount of 20% at shipping.

In other news, we are delighted to announce, Nightbuds have been awarded the Red Dot Award 2021 for Product Design.

The “Red Dot” has been a revered international seal for outstanding design quality and we are humbled to have been chosen from over 18,000 cutting edge products worldwide.

Before moving on to our app update, we’ll leave you with a few photos from the latest PP run, with a first look at our eco-friendly packaging. Every care has been taken in the design to ensure we use as little packaging as possible, to minimise waste, and that it is made of widely recycled materials where possible.

With MyKokoon Audio available to download on the App Store and NightBuds in Beta testing, the Kokoon team have been focused on implementing the very core of our proposition - the Sleep Insights flow.

Whilst wearables devices and activity tracking feels like a familiar experience, creating a seamless and automated sleep experience is no easy feat. Behind the scenes, your sleep data makes the following journey:

Your body  => headphone sensors => mobile app => back end database => raw data is processed into sleep data => mobile app => data insights and suggestions.

A keen runner might capture their distance or heart rate data, in the time between tapping a start/stop button. But creating an experience that automatically adapts to the sleeper, captures raw data, transposes it into meaningful sleep insights, then reveals them at an appropriate time? That’s another feat...

...and of course, that’s assuming the ‘ideal’ scenario of a sleeper wearing the headphones, drifting into sleep, and waking in the morning. Which, to the majority of the community of struggling sleepers, is not a standard scenario at all.

Implementing the simplest form of our Sleep Insights feature has required a lengthy, complex process. Work for the product team has been less “9-5” and more “5-9” as we ourselves put our sleep to the Nightbuds test. Some of the common bed and nighttime testing scenarios have included:

What happens if you wear them all evening laying down still, then fall asleep in them?

What happens if you wear them, wake in the night and try to see your data?

What happens if you wake in the night to go to the bathroom, moving out of range, then return to sleep?

What happens if you wake too early, and wear them in bed until you wake up?

What happens if the headphones disconnect during the night from auto-powering off?

What happens to the sleep charts if you nap during the day wearing your headphones?

(to name a few).

The reality is that our sleep, and our sleep habits, are as unique as we are. Whilst Sleep Insights cannot predict every unique sleep scenario, we’re working each week to refine the system to account for the many different night time experiences that our members face so that we can appropriately support them at any hour of sleep need.

In the next few weeks, we hope to be able to invite our Kokoon Relax customers to join us in our 5-9s, with Sleep Insights available in the next release of MyKokoon.

And, what happens if you find yourself in a sleep scenario which MyKokoon doesn’t account for? Help us to refine the Kokoon experience by sharing your feedback here. Please be sure to fill in the subject line as Sleep Scenario Feedback.

That’s all for now! 

You can connect with us on FacebookInstagram, or our Community Board. Our Board was designed for you to request new content or features, comment on ideas from other members or just see what we are up to.

Thank you again! Till next time,

Team Kokoon

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