Update #8 from KALEA: Turn kitchen waste into compost in only 48h

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New Campaign Update!

The KALEA: Turn kitchen waste into compost in only 48h team just posted.

posted by KALEA

Jul 29, 2021 • 5:11AM PDT

Ciao Ragazzi ?? and a warm welcome to your July update

Besides the fact that we now have a new KALEA baby in our team, we’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. 


For such a long time, we have finally been able to work together with our awesome production team in Italy. Our Tech Lead Johannes has traveled south with his German colleagues and will continue to work hard with everyone for the next few days. The main goal for the meeting is to finalize the assembly of three new so-called “close to production prototypes”. 

Our KALEA Tech & Production team in Italy

Curious to know about what is going on in detail in our KALEA Tech world? We are super happy to share some detailed updates with you:


Step by step with DFMA 

On site, we have held two more workshops so far in preparation for later series production. In the intensive sessions, we managed to achieve a further reduction in parts for KALEA. What does that mean in concrete terms? The fewer parts, the less complexity, the lower the risk of malfunctions. This enables an even smoother product experience. 


Plastic-free packaging - searching for sustainable solutions
Our goal: We want to use no plastic for KALEA's packaging and rely only on sustainable materials. The challenge? KALEA weighs around 50-55 pounds and, of course, we want it to arrive safely to you. Just about every packaging suppliertells us to use styrofoam. A material that takes 6000 (!!!) years to break down in nature. For us, this is simply not an option. So we are working on alternative sustainable concepts in various small projects.


Smart by heart: Our KALEA app

The first test version of our KALEA app is ready and will gradually be filled with more life. We are launching further test phases on site in Germany and continue to optimize the digital experience with the KALEA app. 


Our manufacturing facility

It was good to be finally on site again at the location where the production of KALEA will take place. We did not just have many meetings with the engineering team but also with the production planning team. We will use one of the three prototypes for working on the assembly and production preparation.

Busy hands - working on details

HMI – Human Machine Interface 

Human Machine Interface is a dashboard that allows users to communicate with machines, computer programs or systems - such as a screen. We had intensive workshops with our supplier. For us, the HMI is one of the most important components and therefore deserved special attention. We also discussed whether and how the HMI would continue to function properly and fully despite wet fingers or dirt. 


All eyes on the engines 

Here, too, we have held important, relevant and insightful discussions with suppliers. Because the motor is also an important and critical component. KALEA should be able to be filled at any time. This also places very high requirements on the motors and their running time. Endurance tests with up to 1,000 hours are currently being run to check the functionality of the motors.

For you we get naked ? KALEA is packed with cutting-edge, harmonized technology.

Testing testing testing 

We will be very busy in the coming weeks, as we are carrying out many hours of testing with the new prototypes. For this purpose, we have revised our internal testing concept in detail. Because KALEA is such a complex product, we have many points to test and evaluate: drying, loudness, odor, composting, composting trials, safety tests, etc.

We also continue to strengthen our team. Steady growth – just like in nature. 


Do you want even more updates from us? Feel free to join our community letter at any time via our website. 

Talk to you soon again. 


Happy day and all the best, 

your KALEA team 

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