📢 Update #8 from La Marque - The Lifetime Brass Pen Collection

Email sent: Nov 21, 2020 5:17am

New Campaign Update!

The La Marque - The Lifetime Brass Pen Collection team just posted.

posted by TEFORS

Nov 21, 2020 • 2:07AM PST

Hello Team - Components for the first batch are assembled

Hello team,

I know you have all been keen to get an update from us, so thank you for your patience.

Our team has been giving our all together with the workshop in order to speed up the process while ensuring that we maintain the quality of the production.


As mentioned in the previous update, we had estimated that by now we should be receiving the first batch of La Marques, however even working at full capacity, the first batch has been pushed back by approximately 10-12 working days. 


I know it’s not at all ideal, however, the CNC process as you can see in the videos to follow, is an extremely precise one that takes time. Attempting to increase the speed will only result in higher margins of error, and given the quantity and value of the pens, it is something that we can’t afford and definitely something that we don’t want. 

In the video below you can see the time and process to simply create the hex tool shape at the back of the pen barell.

Watch on YouTube\


Below is part of the process required to create the front element of the Octagon pen.

Watch on YouTube

We have already arranged the delivery of the first batch of La Marques to be done by plane. As you can imagine, this is a very costly process, but it is one of the ways that we are doing our best to reduce the delays.

Below is the cap of the Octagon being machined.

Watch on YouTube

I know it has been a long waiting time, and I apologise for that. Aside form the main production of the La Marque pens, during the last two weeks we have been finalising the process for the numerous other suppliers& partners that are in charge of the following elements:

- The black premium box & print

- Foam manufacturer

- Foam CNC process to cut the specific spaces for each component

- The Clip Add-On Tooling & production

- The modified back barrel for the Clip Add-On

- The printed mini brochure 

- Packaging for the Zeta Station 

- Packaging for the Clip Add-On

- The Carbon pencil mechanism

- Assemble process of all the components within the box

- Faber Castell Add-On refills. Please remember that the La Marque does not come with the Faber Castell Add-On refill, so if you wish to purchase one, please do so on BackerKit, or contact us directly and we will provide a link.


Watch on YouTube


The next step is for the first batch to arrive within the next 10 to 12 working days. Once it arrives, we will create a quick update showing you all some photos and videos, plus of course the much-awaited shipping labels for the first batch.


Again, I apologise for the delay. You have all waited for a long time, I am aware of that and I feel the pressure so please understand the team and I are here doing our very best to ensure that the La Marques are sent out to you as soon as possible.


Thank you all again for your understanding,

Alex B & Tefors Team


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