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Email sent: Jul 22, 2021 3:00pm

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The Foldio360 Smart Dome team just posted.

posted by Orangemonkie Team

Jul 22, 2021 • 11:53AM PDT

Fulfillment Update + Indiegogo Campaign End Date 8/13

Hi Backers, 


We wanted to post an update today regarding the boat status for the US & EU. 


Currently, the US Fulfillment boat is waiting around Longbeach Coast. Our US boat is waiting at the Port for our turn to unload. There is some port congestion in Longbeach Port. Please read below the current updated schedule sent from our forwarding partner. 


We are very sorry for this delay.  This congestion at US west coast ports has been troubling many industries for several months now.  We really appreciate all your patience with us. Thank you so much, Backers. We will continue to update changes, and please feel free to give us an email any time.


[US Shipment]

  • Expected unloading date at the Port: 7/26
  • Customs clearance for the shipment: 3 days after the unloading
  • Arrival at our Long Beach warehouse: 7/30
  • Internal Quality Inspection to sort out the damaged package: 1-2 days 
  • Ship to East Fulfillment center: 8/3 (it will take about 3 days)
  • Final ship out to Backers: 8/9


[EU Shipment]

  • The shipment is still sailing as scheduled. 
  • Cargo out: 6/29
  • Ship out to the Port of Amsterdam: 7/9
  • Estimated Arrival: 8/15
  • Unloading & Custom Clearance: 8/17 (takes 3-4 Business days depending on their schedule)

[Other Countries]

  • We will start a new batch, and it will be done by the 1st week of August. So we expect the ship out date to be early 2nd week of Aug. 


Long Beach, © trekandshoot

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us an email at [email protected]


We are also planning to end our Indiegogo Smart Dome Campaign on 8/13, so Backers will no longer be able to order on Indiegogo. If Backers would still like to order after 8/13, they can order on our ORANGEMONKIE Website we will announce more information about this as the dates approach. 



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