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How to get rich by being a problem child [C&M]

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Or: how to smear red paint all over your parents’ kitchen, and profit…
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Inktuitive Coffee & Motivation

Hey ,

Coffee? Check. Motivation? Coming right up: 

Here’s one of…

The Greatest Shortcuts To
Gaining Wealth, Status, Fame, Or 
“The Good Life” - However You Define It:

This is a law of nature. And it’s VERY easy to pull off. 

You have everything you need right now to use this shortcut. And the upside is unlimited. 

It requires no extra money. It takes no extra work, either…

It’s not difficult to do. 

At least, that’s not the reason most people avoid it in favor of mediocrity...

It’s a simple mindset shift. 

And the truth is—this mindset shift flies in the face of everything we learned growing up about what it takes to win. It’s counter-intuitive. 

Some people would be downright mortified to take this shortcut. But that’s an illusion. 

Because when you use it properly… no real harm comes to you. 

It can skyrocket your business and income, attract influential people, or blow up your social media following. 

But those aren’t even the coolest results of this shortcut…

The best part—is it will show you that you are enough, and always have been, to achieve whatever you want. 

Here’s what I’m talking about. 


Imagine Two Children:

6-year-old twin brothers. Jimmy and Timmy. 

Jimmy is a hell-raiser. A problem child. 

Timmy is known as a perfect, well-behaved angel. 

Now one day Jimmy and Timmy get into a can of red paint in the garage…

They bring it in the house, get it open, and smear it all over themselves and their parents’ kitchen while their mother is asleep. 

Mom wakes up…

She sees her ruined cabinets and surfaces…

And she becomes livid. 

The million-dollar question is: Who’s getting in more trouble? 

Sure, she might be mad at Jimmy. But she expected this kind of thing from him. 

Timmy on the other hand—HE should know better. 

She’ll be far more harsh toward Timmy because of the expectation he set by being a people-pleaser.

This has everything to do with the shortcut I’m talking about.


So What’s The Secret?

As you read this, there’s probably something you’ve been hiding from the world. And for good reason. 

It could be the thing about yourself your parents told you NEVER to reveal to employers...

The thing most people would be mortified to feature on a job application or post on social media…

The thing about you that traditional, conventional wisdom says will give you a huge, unprofessional disadvantage. 

The fact is—whatever you think is your greatest weakness—the thing you were taught to keep secret from the world…

…that’s often what gives you the greatest edge when it comes to success. There’s unlimited proof of this. 

But it ONLY works after you…


Stop Hiding It.

Here’s why: 

If you’ve ever poured through job applications to hire someone, you know it’s unbelievably boring. 

Try it if you haven’t before. Literally - post a fake job opening and weed through the influx. 

You’ll get astounding insights.

You’ll discover it’s extremely difficult to know what a person’s really going to be like as an employee. 


Most people list the same 10 or 20 strengths they think you want to hear.  

Those strengths will be some version of whatever the top Google results are for “What should I write on my resume”. 

Repeated on hundreds of resumes.


And None Of It 
Is Special.

BUT—when someone features a part of themselves most people are hiding

…maybe they didn’t go to college, and proudly display it on the resume as a strength…

…or they were fired from a previous job—because they’re a creative genius who isn’t so great with deadlines…

…or they have a wry sense of humor—and USE it…

…or they (gasp!) are NOT a perfect, model citizen in every way, shape, and form…

Then that gets MASSIVE attention and respect. 

You might have even heard this before. But are you using it to your advantage? What’s stopping you?

See—when you feature your REAL weaknesses alongside your strengths in a resume… 

…it tells the employer’s unconscious mind you have so much value and so many options…

…that you’ll only take a job with an employer who won’t demand you be something you’re not. 

(And it also means you’re not lying about your strengths.)

THAT Is Power.

People can smell that attitude a mile away, and instinctively want to be part of it. 

This is more than just being “different.” 

It’s about being unashamed of your natural weirdness. People love it.

And it applies to success of all kinds. Not just job applications...


Have you ever seen those viral videos from JP Sears—the long-haired red-headed guy who claims to be “Woke AF”?

(Look up his videos if you haven’t seen them. They’re hilarious). 

He’s wildly successful now, has millions of followers, and lives the amazing life he wants…

But—back around 2013? 

He was a struggling emotional healing coach who was afraid to be funny. 

Every emotional healing coach was grave and serious. He thought he had to be the same. 

Because emotional trauma is “something you should never joke about.” 

He thought being humorous would discredit him. That it would be terrible for business…

But JP gradually allowed himself to show his natural humor in his videos…

And they went viral. THAT was the single key that unlocked his wild success. 

Tens of millions of views later, he’s changing the world with trauma healing workshops—and has his own comedy tour that sells out around the country. 

Here’s the next example, but…

I Probably Don’t Need 
To Tell You This: 

I’m stating no political opinions for or against the current US president… 

Just showing you what you may not already know about why he won the 2016 election…

Because there was one thing he did that he NEVER could’ve gotten elected without. It was when he first announced his candidacy back in 2015:

He said in his speech that he was “Not the nicest person.” 

He fronted the fact that he was no sweetheart. 

He told everyone he hasn’t lived the life of a perfect role-model for their kids. 

He made plenty of promises in that speech, but he was clear that being a straight-laced “angel child” was NOT something to expect from him...

And if he hadn’t started out fronting that… he’d never have survived the scandals and “surprise video footage” that came out over the next year. 

Now—Trump is an extreme example. 

You don’t have to make half the country hate you in order to do this effectively. 

But whenever you draw people in, you WILL deter others. 

And you should WANT that. Because what’s the alternative? 

When you try to be everything to everyone, you’re nothing to no one.

Think of it as equal and opposite forces. Yin and yang. It’s a law of nature. 

As I’ve said previously,  start welcoming haters. Each one also brings an adoring fan. 

This Is NOT Some “Marketing
Tactic” Or Strategy

It’s just YOU, unapologetically being who you are. 

You’re already equipped with everything you need for that. It’s free for you to use right now. And proven to ignite success. 

Sure, it’ll repel as many people as it attracts…

And you can still become a billionaire doing that. In fact, it’s the ONLY way to become one. Half the smartphone market hates iPhones, too…

That’s the problem: society trains us to focus ONLY on who we’re repelling. We’re blind to the fact that we’re attracting just as many people. 

So we think we’re avoiding rejection…

But the truth is - whenever you hide under a fake persona, you’re rejecting yourself anyway—preemptively. Before anyone else gets the chance to do it. 

In doing so, you’re denying at least 50% of your audience from LOVING you. And you’re denying yourself from your dream life. 

You probably know what it is about you that you could start “fronting” to people right now. It’s different for everyone. The more fear you feel about fronting it, the better!

Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you: it might seem scary at first. But the risk is worth the reward. 

Because only after you receive that reward, you’ll look back and laugh at how it was never even a risk to begin with. 

Finally, here’s a powerful clip from the movie 8 Mile. It’s a must-see. If you have children in the room or are at a workplace, this contains many expletives. So use headphones:

To Your Success,
Inktuitive Inspiration Team

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