Insider Internet Dating: Affiliates Are Killin' It With This Product!
Insider Internet Dating: Affiliates Are Killin' It With This Product!

Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule?

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 5:18pm

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Dave here. :)

Did you know... in his book Outliers, author 
Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly 
ten thousand hours of practice to achieve 
mastery in a field.

Pretty crazy, eh?

Ten, thousand hours.

Can you imagine how many mess ups, rejections 
and mistakes are made within those ten thousand 

(I'm reaaally trying hard not to think about it)

But here's the thing:

Once that level has been reached, the "elites"
continue not just to practice, but to do it smarter.

And that's the crux of what I want to talk to you
about today.

You see, the "elites" don’t just work harder than 
everybody else. 


At some point they fall in love with practice to 
the point where they want to do little else.

The elite football player is the guy who spends 
all day on the practice field with his teammates, 
and after practice he goes home to watch game

The elite software developer is the programmer 
who spends all day pounding code at work, and 
after leaving work he writes open source software 
on his own time.

This similar to what happend with me and Brent.

He was going out 5-7 nights a week for YEARS 
out in Cali, while I was online sending tens of
THOUSANDS of emails online for years.

We were obsessed with figuring out how to
master this part of our lives.

Well, luckily for you, you don't have to devote
10,000 hours to becoming a master with chicks.

Yes, you have to "pay your dues".

You have to put the time in.

But not to the extreme that chess players do.

Or guitar players do...

Or pro athletes do... get to the top of their game.

Everyone I’ve shown this to has been flat-out 
100% impressed with this -->

We thrive on RESULTS.

Not reasons.

If you're as results-driven as I think you are, 
you definitely need to take a SERIOUS look
at this.

You're gonna love it.

Your friend,








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