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We had Sue B Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert on our show yesterday, and we're still mulling over how insane some of her tips were when it comes to Instagram for Business. You can check it out here. We were furiously taking notes and we'd like to share the same with you! 

Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room - The New Instagram Update. 

On July 7th, Instagram rolled out a new feature where you can pin up to 3 comments on any post on your feed. The only thing you need to do is update your app! What does this mean for you? You can now draw more attention and validate the value of your content to your users! Also, a person whose comment is pinned will get notifications. It’s a great way to show gratitude to collaborators and users who engage with you!

Instagram users can now even delete up to 25 comments at once and restrict or block accounts in bulk. 

Apart from that, Instagram is also testing out a new short-form video sharing feature called 'Reels'. It enables users to record, edit, and post 15-second videos! 

A lot of interesting developments in the elusive world of Instagram means that we as businesses and marketers need to be on our toes when it comes to Instagram Marketing.


Here are some quotes and highlights from the Masterclass with Sue B Zimmerman on Instagram For Business: 

1. "There is no other place on social where you can create an intimate relationship with someone other than Instagram. You can use Instagram direct messaging tactics to have one-to-one conversations with your audience."

2. "Conversations create opportunities. Opportunities create conversions."

3. "Instagram is a huge village. It has several neighborhoods - the feed, the stories, IGTV, and Instagram Lives. You can connect with people on Instagram through direct messaging at all these neighborhoods. You can have a Link tree link in your bio that allows people to check out all your different resources. You can also create quick replies to make sure people stay engaged with you on Instagram."

4. "When you get people to engage with you in the Instagram DMs, you can then offer to give people something of value. It could be your lead magnet. But the key is to get their permission. If they say yes, you can direct them to your bio link." 

5. "Stories are where you don't have to be so perfect because it disappears after a short amount of time. It doesn't live forever like your feed."

6. "Instagram provides an SEO as well. There is SEO in your name. There is also SEO in your bio and subtitle."

7. "IGTV is everything to do with intent. Have a cover photo that's on-brand for the IGTV. Make sure you have a hook in the description and you can add @mention people and hashtags. The real-estate for discovery is also greater on Instagram. So it's a worthwhile effort because you're making a bigger impact and reaching a bigger audience."

8. "Use hashtags responsibly. Don't use random hashtags just to be seen. You need to be relevant to the content or who you are. This is far more effective than just adding random hashtags for likes."


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