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Hi there, — Jill here, 

In case you missed it, we officially launched our brand-new supplement for sensitive and eczema-prone skin a couple of weeks ago. 

It’s the first product we’ve created that addresses the root cause of eczema and acne. 

We ranked #2 on Amazon for “Eczema treatment” — which came as a shock because supplements don’t solve as urgent of a problem as, say, our creams. Thanks for your help with that!

Creams cater to problems where you need quick relief, like when you’re washing the dishes and your skin cracks and starts bleeding. 

Supplements, like our Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, caters to long-term solutions. 

It helps you build stronger, silkier, and healthier skin from the inside out by addressing the root cause of eczema (and acne). 

Here’s why I bring it up: 

To celebrate ranking #2 on Amazon for “eczema treatment,” we figured we’d continue our launch promo. 

Whether you missed the launch promotion or you ordered it, tried it, and decided you want to stock up, here’s what we’re gonna do: 

We’re offering you a 20% discount when you order Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement from Amazon. But we’re not sure how long this will last. 

Here’s why we’re doing it: 

Not only will it help us maybe take the #1 spot for “eczema treatment” on Amazon, but it also helps Amazon customers—who may not have heard of Puriya before—find it. 

Here’s all you have to do: 

Step 1: Head to Amazon and search for “eczema treatment.” You should be able to see our listing right away. 

Here’s what it looks like:

(This helps us rank higher on Amazon, which means more people who could benefit from Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement will be able to see it!) 

Step 2: Click the “Apply 20% discount” button to unlock 20% off:

(Note: if you want a 20% discount on more than one bottle, you will need to create separate orders. Amazon only honors one discount per cart. So if you have two bottles in one cart, only one bottle will receive 10% off.) 

Step 3: Complete your order. 

Whether you or a loved one suffers from dry, sensitive, acne- or eczema-prone skin, Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement will help. And it’s the easiest way to fortify your skin health — just two vegan capsules a day will keep your skin soft, smooth, and silky. 

And thank you so much for the support during our launch :) 


P.S. If you’ve already tried Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, it’d mean the world if you left a quick review on Amazon detailing your experience with it. 

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