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Do I need Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement?

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Quick note:

Several customers wrote into us saying Amazon only honored our 30% coupon on one bottle. We apologize for this, we learned about this when you did.

Here's the good news: You can still use our 30% coupon on multiple orders of Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, but you have to create separate orders. For example, if you want four bottles, you will need to place four separate orders to use the 30% discount on each bottle. 

Again, our apologies for any confusion about this. 

Now, back Free To Be Me... 

A Mother of all Creams customer wrote in and asked:

“Hi Jill, quick question: Why do I need Free To Be Me if I already use Mother of all Creams? I haven’t had a serious eczema flare-up since using Mother of all Creams. Is Free To Be Me Skin Supplement necessary?” 

Thanks for your question, Maya. I figured a few more people have had a similar question, so I wanted to answer it here: 

My short answer? 

No, it’s not necessary. But it’s a crucial part to your long-term skin health and helps prevent flare-ups more effectively than Mother of all Creams. 

My long answer? 

Our in-house holistic physicians created Free To Be Me for a very specific reason: 

Free To Be Me tackles the root cause of your eczema — even better than Mother of all Creams does. 

Mother of all Creams has been our most popular product since we launched it. But it has a downside: It provides visible results quickly, but doesn’t address the root causes to prevent flare-ups and maintain healthy skin from within.

That’s where Free To Be Me comes into play: 

Each ingredient included in Free To Be Me deals with one of the various root causes of eczema.

What are the root causes of eczema? 

  • An overactive immune system, which causes inflammation 
  • Inherited genetics, which sabotage your natural skin barrier 
  • Environmental toxins 
  • Food allergens 
  • And stress 

Our holistic physicians included clinically-backed ingredients, which help you… 

* Gently remove toxins by purifying your body’s internal detox system with Burdock Root. It also decreases inflammation and atopic dermatitis in clinical studies. 

* Support two key organs in your internal detox system (your liver and kidneys) with Milk Thistle, which also delivers important antioxidants to your skin. (Plus, milk thistle may protect your skin from aging, too.) 

* Stimulate collagen production, help reduce your physiological stress levels, and enhance your circulation (which improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to your skin) with Gotu Kola

* Boost your silica production, a necessary building block for natural collagen production, with Horsetail

* Provide essential nutrients to your skin with Stinging Nettle, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-histamine properties (which has shown to help some forms of eczema in clinical trials).

* Boost your vitamin C production, a foundation of good skin health and collagen production, with Rose Hips — one of the most concentrated food-based sources of vitamin C available.

* Protect and nourish your skin with Curcumin, which aids in a soft, smooth looking complexion. (Plus, a study from the University of California Davis analyzed over 234 trials on curcumin. They found it could provide therapeutic benefits when ingested and applied topically for conditions, including atopic dermatitis.) 

* Balance the functioning of your immune system and stress response with adaptogen Reishi Mushroom. It's also rich in polysaccharides, protein, minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics that support the appearance of luminous skin.

* Relax your mind and body with Skullcap (without common side effects like drowsiness or dizziness which you’d feel by using benzodiazepines) 

Each natural, plant-based ingredient is backed by clinical studies. And we use the exact same dosage amount as in each respective clinical study — which is rare for other eczema supplements. 

Do you see how each ingredient helps reverse the 5 root causes of eczema? 

And here’s the best part: 

By adding Free To Be Me Skin Supplement into your daily skin routine, your body will become better prepared to fight against eczema each day. 

My verdict? 

If you’re worried about future eczema outbreaks or want to best prepare your skin for long-term relief, I highly recommend trying Free To Be Me Skin Supplement. 

And you know what?

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from trial users. But since we just launched Free To Be Me yesterday, we don’t have any public Amazon reviews yet, which means…

There’s never been a better time to try it! 

If you click the coupon button on Amazon and place your order before Friday at midnight, you can slash 30% off your total—no matter how many bottles you order. 

>>Try Free To Be Me Skin Supplement here (and save 30% by clicking the coupon button)

(Note: Amazon will only honor your 30% discount on one bottle of Free To Be Me if you have multiple bottles in the same cart. If you want your 30% discount on each bottle you order, you have to place multiple orders. For example, if you want four bottles of Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, you need to create four separate orders. Our apologies in advance!) 

Jill “clinically-backed ingredients” Hse 

P.S. Tomorrow, I’m gonna reveal the real reason why eczema treatments don’t work. Talk to you then! 

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