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does our Sensitive Skin Supplement help with acne?

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Hi there, 

A customer recently wrote in and asked:

“Hi, I’m wondering if the Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement works on acne? I have horrible hormonal acne and it’s endlessly frustrating. When I break out, everything hurts. I can’t sleep on my side, I shy away from pictures, I get weird stares when I leave the house, and it’s slowly making me miserable.” 

Thanks for writing in. For privacy's sake I won’t reveal her name. 

Here’s my recommendation:

Yes, Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement does work for acne. Part of the magic is that Dr. Michele designed it to address the 6 building blocks of healthy skin, which include:

1. Optimal Immune System Function
2. Efficient Toxin Removal
3. Healthy Inflammatory Response
4. Key Nutrients for Collagen Synthesis
5. Healthy Stress Response
6. Strengthens Skin Barrier

When you optimize your immune system, remove toxins, encourage a healthy inflammatory and stress response, and strengthen your skin barrier, your body won’t be as likely to break out or develop severe acne. 

So, yes, Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement does work against acne. 

However, it’s more of a longer term solution. Don’t expect Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement to clear your acne in a few days. 

For a more immediate solution to your acne, I also recommend Mother of all Creams and our Ultra Gentle Face Wash. 

Here’s why: 

They both complement Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement:

Ultra Gentle Face Wash removes excess oil while smoothing and hydrating your skin, which helps reduce acne breakouts. 

Here’s a Ultra Gentle Face Wash review from an Amazon customer with acne: 


"Love this face wash! My skin is very sensitive and acne prone. The slightest bit of fragrance will cause me to breakout, and so will ingredients like salicylic acid and benzol peroxide. I've been using this product for a few weeks and it has made me skin look so good and so far it looks like my breakouts are starting to get under control."


And Mother of all Creams works around the clock to deeply moisturize your skin and nourish your skin microbiome. It doesn’t clog your pores either, like many skincare products do. This also leads to clearing up your acne. 

Here’s Mother of all Creams review from an Amazon customer with acne: 


"I suffer from oily/combo super sensitive skin; not only on my face, but neck, chest and back as well. No matter how gentle I am with natural products and innovative methods, I always end up with dry patches around my mouth that look like dried up toothpaste, eww. So I end up just exfoliating it which of course makes it worse, but who is walking around like that?

That said before the cool weather hits I wanted to find a moisturizer that would do the trick that even Clinique moisture surge didn't work for, while keeping in mind that some thicker moisturizers make me super oily and irritated.

I tried this around my mouth area and just to do it; on my heels, bikini area where I had some irritation from laser treatment, and I even put it on a acne bump just for testing purposes.

The next morning the dry patch area was smaller, heels were super smooth and moisturized, the irritation bumps went down significantly, and the blemish I couldn't tell a difference.

I repeated this same routine for 3 nights and blemish is dried up! Irritation bumps gone, patch gone, and feet still smooth. I never would have thought a cream that is not at all advertised for acne would do the trick."


Ideally, I recommend using all three products to help you tackle your acne. 

And here’s a bit of good news if you’re on a budget: 

When you buy two (or more) products from our sensitive skin collection, you can use the coupon code NICESKIN10 to save 10% on your total order. 

So, in order to unlock the most savings, here’s what I recommend:

Step 1: Order Ultra Gentle Face Wash and Mother of all Creams from the Puriya store. Use the coupon code NICESKIN10 to save 10% on your total. 

>>Order Ultra Gentle Face Wash here

>>Order Mother of all Creams here

Step 2: Order Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement on Amazon. And click the “Apply 20% discount” button before checkout to save 20%. 

>>Order Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement on Amazon here

I hope this helps free you from your acne breakouts :) 


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