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“My doctor said I’d go blind if I kept using this”

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Yesterday, I mentioned in passing how a Mother of all Creams customer almost went blind from her steroid creams her doctor prescribed to treat her eczema. 

Today, I want to share the full story:

Anita struggled with eczema and psoriasis for over 30 years. Besides the usual symptoms of eczema—like dry itchy skin covering her hands, neck, knees, and feet—she also had painful psoriasis that spread like wildfire over her body. 

As a 30+ year old veteran for autoimmune skin conditions, Anita tried everything. 

She dabbled in creams, lotions, ointments, you name it. She even admitted she tried tar lotions (even though she knew it posed health risks). She was desperate for relief and willing to give anything a shot, as many people with lifelong eczema are. 

After trying every possible concoction under the sun, she went to her doctor. Her doctor prescribed her one of the most potent ointments available — and told her it was safe. 

The potent ointment provided some relief… Well, I take that back. The ointment suppressed her symptoms. It kept her eczema and psoriasis at bay. But it didn’t last. As soon as she stopped using it, it came back with a vengeance. 

And so, she kept rubbing this potent ointment all over her skin. 

But she started noticing some side effects… 

For example, the potency of the ointment made the skin on her fingertips so delicate and thin, she couldn’t wash her dishes, cook food, or even tie her shoes. 

But her only alternative at the time was hiding in her room because her eczema and psoriasis devoured her self-esteem. 

So, she kept using the potent ointments. 


One day, she noticed her eye hurt, and scheduled an appointment with her eye doctor. 

And her doctor told her that she would go blind in her left eye if she continued using the ointment her doctor prescribed! 

Turns out, Anita had a severe reaction (another example of an autoimmune disorder…) to her ointment. Luckily, she caught it in time before she lost sight in her left eye. 

Unfortunately, the ointment was the only thing she knew of that gave her any sort of relief. 

That’s when she decided to put her health in her own hands, researched natural eczema remedies, and stumbled on our Mother of all Creams, which not only gave her the relief she desperately needed, but actually started to put her on the right track to improving her skin health. 

Fast forward to today: 

Anita finally feels comfortable wearing short shorts, skirts, and shirts. Something she wasn’t confident wearing for the past 30+ years. 

She keeps two bottles of Mother of all Creams in her house, one in her car, and one at work, so she always has relief available when she needs it. 

And she’s never been happier. 

Here’s why I bring up her story: 

While she shared her story, she mentioned how her psoriasis, for example, needed an internal solution because it’s an autoimmune disease — which means your immune system attacks you instead of protects you. 

Many forms of eczema are autoimmune disorders too. In fact, in 2014, the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology showed that atopic dermatitis can be related to an autoimmune disorder. 

And while Mother of all Creams contains MSM to help nutrients penetrate your skin, it’s still an external solution rather than an internal solution. 

But we finally have an internal solution in our Free To Be Me supplement

Free To Be Me strengthens your skin—from the inside out! It tackles the root causes of eczema to prevent flare-ups and maintain healthy skin from within.

There truly isn't another product like it — especially when you compare ingredients side-by-side. 

And since it’s such a unique product (most eczema products are creams, not supplements), we want to give you an extra incentive to try it: 

Save 30% on Free To Be Me—as long as you place your order before Friday at midnight. 

You can order as many bottles as you’d like… And each bottle comes with our 6-month money-back guarantee. 

Ready to feel free in your skin? 

>>>Grab Free To Be Me here (and save 30% by clicking the coupon button on Amazon)

(Note: If you have multiple bottles of Free To Be Me in the same cart, Amazon will only honor your 30% discount on one bottle. If you want your 30% discount on each bottle you order, you have to place multiple orders. For example, if you want four bottles of Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, you need to create four separate orders. Our apologies in advance!)  

Jill “strengthen your skin from the inside out” Hse

P.S. Let me know if you have trouble finding the clickable coupon button on Amazon. 

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