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The results are in: Top BFCM Puriya products

What were the top 5 products from BFCM?

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What were the top 5 products from BFCM?
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Hi -, 

Thanks for all your support during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. We hope you got all the plant-powered skin care remedies you needed. Not only for yourself, but for your loved ones too. 

During our BFCM sale, one of our most popular emails was listing the top 5 products other Puriya customers bought. And now that the results are in, we wanted to send an updated report of our top 5 BFCM products. 

Whether you want to try another Puriya product yourself to best support your skin and confidence, or need holiday gift ideas for your loved ones, we got you covered. 

And even though we don’t have a discount available, our products are still some of the most cost effective skin care remedies around — when you factor in the high quality, doctor-approved ingredients and how little of each product you need to use to see results. 

Alright, let’s dive into the top 5 BFCM products: 

BFCM Best Seller #1: Mother of all Creams 

Our Mother of all Creams—the best way to relieve dry, itchy, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin while also deeply nourishing your skin to prevent future problems—was our best seller during BFCM. 

No surprise there — Mother of all Creams is a consistent best seller because once you try it, it’s hard to imagine life without it. 

Our Light Peppermint version designed for mildly sensitive skin was the #1 best seller. Our Mildly Earthy version designed for ultra-sensitive skin was the #3 best seller. 

Tonya (Amazon) writes in this incredible review about Light Peppermint: 

“Total Lifesaver!!!
On the second day of radiation treatment for breast cancer, this cream was recommended to me. I ordered it on Amazon, got it the next day, and started using it every day. This helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!! I did not get the chapped skin, even with the radiation sunburn. My treatment is over and I am still using the cream. Thank you for such a product”

>>Order Mother of all Creams Light Peppermint for mildly sensitive skin here 

NWS (Amazon) chimes in with this about Mildly Earthy: 

“saved my skin
I've ordered this cream multiple times and will continue ordering it. It truly saved my skin. For the last couple years my skin would get extremely dry and itching, so itchy it would wake me up at night scratching my skin til it was raw. My skin would get so irritated I would wear long sleeve shirts to hide my irritated skin. I tried so many different creams and lotions that claimed to calm itchy dry skin but none of them worked. This cream actually worked and worked amazingly. My skin was soft, irritation, dryness went away, scent is mild with almost no scent at all. It's a bit pricey but it's truly worth it because it works when nothing else did. My skin is no longer dry and itchy. This cream calmed the itch, soothed my irritated skin. My skin feels so soft and not greasy or slimy. It absorbs into your skin and your skin is left feeling wonderful. I highly recommend trying this product. You will be very happy you did.”

>>Order Mother of all Creams Mildly Earthy for ultra-sensitive skin here 

BFCM Best Seller #2: Wonder Balm

Wonder Balm is another consistent best seller for us because our customers haven’t come across a better way to reverse uncomfortable chafing, painful bouts of jock itch, or any other type of humidity-induced fungal infections. 

Wonder Balm is gentle enough to relieve burning, itchy skin but powerful enough to withstand the most humid and sweat-prone areas of your skin. 

Emil recently left this Wonder Balm review on Amazon: 

“Shocked that it works
I had eczema and athlete's foot and this product works the best on athlete’s foot. I’m happy it has no steroids in it and it’s all natural and very happy with my results, it’s small but I only need a tiny bit and it spreads perfectly, so it will last me a very long time” 

>>Order Wonder Balm for dry, itchy, or chafing skin here 

BFCM Best Seller #3: Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm 

It’s best to think of Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm as the more potent version of Wonder Balm. 


Because Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm also includes zinc undecylenate — a clinically proven treatment for fungal infections. Many people prefer zinc undecylenate instead of similar prescription creams containing steroids because naturally-derived zinc undecylenate from castor oil is safer. (And it’s more effective too!) 

And don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Puriya customer Fredric (Amazon) says about Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm: 

“Best Antifungal yet
Worked very fast. In less than a week jock itch cleared up by 90%, completely gone in 2 weeks. It is a balm that goes on clear. Worked better than Lotrimin ever did.” 

>>Order Free To Be Active Antifungal Balm to treat fungal infections here

BFCM Best Seller #4: Scalp Clarifying Shampoo 

One of the problems with eczema-prone skin is an unbearably itchy scalp. 

That’s where Scalp Clarifying Shampoo comes in. Not only does it deeply hydrate your scalp and get rid of any itchiness, but it also removes residue and buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils. 

The result? 

You enjoy an itch-free scalp and a set of hair that will make anyone who sees you at least a little envious :) 

Edith (Amazon) couldn't be happier after grabbing Scalp Clarifying Shampoo for her husband: 

“Finally! No Dandruff
My hubby spent decades fighting dandruff with cheap and/or chemical smelling products that never did the trick. I found this Puriya when I was looking for a non sulfate option for him. He is amazed and I am so pleased to no longer have to smell his stinky shampoo in bed! The Puriya has only a mild pleasant scent that does not linger.” 

>>Order Scalp Clarifying Shampoo for itchy scalps and dandruff here

(We also have a Scalp Clarifying Conditioner too!) 

BFCM Best Seller #5: Free To Be Active Tea Tree Body Wash

Fungal infections love sweaty, humid environments. And they particularly love attacking people with an active lifestyle. 

By switching to Free To Be Active Tea Tree Body Wash, you can best protect your skin from itchy, burning, and painful fungal infections. It’s a key part of our in-house doctor’s “Antifungal System,” and it not only keeps your skin safe, but it also keeps you smelling fresh. 

It may even help you deal with eczema-related skin problems, as Donna (Amazon) discovered after trying it. Here’s her review: 

“Great to get clean, clear skin!
While its claims are to help with jock itch, athletes foot and body acne, I don't have those conditions. I purchased it to help my eczema rash breakouts that are itchy and bumpy. This works great to reduce both! Tea tree products tend to have a recognizable, and to me, unpleasant odor. This one has a more pleasant scent than any other product I've tried.

I've since tried less expensive tea tree/eucalyptus soaps with no results at all and none had the fresh, clean scent of this one! I'm very happy with this product and have just signed up for the subscription!” 

>>Order Free To Be Active Tea Tree Body Wash for active lifestyles here

And there you have it! Our top 5 best sellers during BFCM. 

Let us know if you have any questions, or plan to gift one of these products to a loved one during the holiday season. 


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