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When will I see results from Free To Be Me?

(and other FAQs about our eczema supplement)

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(and other FAQs about our eczema supplement)
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Hi there, Jill here. 

Quick reminder: 

Today’s the last day to order our Free To Be Me eczema supplement for 30% off. Your 30% discount to try Free To Be Me during our launch ends when the clock strikes midnight tonight. 

If you’d like to place your order ASAP, so you remember, you can order it using the link below:

>>Order Free To Be Me here for a steep, 30% discount

In order to unlock your 30% discount, you need to click the clickable coupon button on Amazon before checking out. 

Here’s a picture of where you can find the clickable coupon button:

We’ve received a ton of questions about Free To Be Me during our launch. And I wanted to take some time to answer your questions before the launch promo expires. 

So, let’s dive into the most frequently asked questions: 

1. When am I going to see results? 

Everyone is unique, so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact answer. Some of our customers have seen results in a few days. While others take longer. 

That’s why we recommend taking Free To Be Me every day for at least 30 days. Also, we recommend taking some notes through your first month. Some of your results will be dramatic, but others will be subtle. 

And we always advise that you consult with your physician before starting any new supplement or health protocol (especially if you take medications or have a health condition).

2. Do I take this with food?

Yes, we advise taking our Free to be Me Skin supplement with food for optimal absorption and impact. 

3. How is this different than a hair, skin, or nail supplement?

Free To Be Me goes beyond the typical hair, skin, or nail supplement. 


It contains key nutrients for skin health with rose hips, a high amount of vitamin C, and vitamin-rich nettle leaf and horsetail, which contain a high amount of silica — the building block for collagen. 

Plus, we go further than just supporting the skin. 

One of the biggest triggers of eczema flareups is stress. That’s why we included ingredients which support your body’s systems with adaptogens like gotu kola and reishi mushrooms, and purifying botanicals like milk thistle and burdock.

4. What’s inside Free To Be Me?

Our Free To Be Me Skin supplement contains a unique blend of plant extracts that work in harmony from the inside out to nourish sensitive skin.
The botanicals include gotu kola, burdock, reishi mushroom, curcumin, milk thistle seed, nettle leaf, horsetail, rosehips, and skullcap. 

How do these botanicals support your sensitive skin from the inside out?

Here’s a quick summary: 

* Burdock Root: Is well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a “blood detoxifier” helping to improve the quality and texture of the skin. and supports overall  kidney health.

* Milk Thistle: Supports your internal detox system, delivers antioxidants from your skin, and may protect your skin from aging.  

* Gotu Kola: Stimulates collagen production, reduces physiologic stress, and enhances your circulation. 

* Horsetail: Rich in silica, a building block for natural collagen production 

* Stinging Nettle: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-histamine properties, which has shown to help against some forms of eczema in clinical trials

* Rose Hips: The most concentrated food-based source of vitamin C (a foundation of good skin health and collagen production) 

* Curcumin: Protects and nourishes your skin. Clinical studies found it provides therapeutic benefits when ingested and applied topically for conditions, including atopic dermatitis

* Reishi Mushroom: Balances your immune system and stress response. 

* Skullcap: Relaxes your mind and body.

5. How do you source ingredients?

When we source ingredients for our Skin Health Formulas, we consider the following before making a decision

* The type of plant and the part used 
* The most bioavailable forms 
* The quality of research behind each ingredient
* How it's harvested and sustainability

These 4 criteria are the reason why we selected each specific, clinically-backed ingredient in Free To Be Me. 

6. Is Free To Be Me gluten-free?

Yes, Free To Be Me is gluten-free.

In addition, we formulate our supplements without using

* Dairy
* Soy
* Egg
* Shellfish 
* Preservatives
* Artificial Flavors

7. Is Free To Be Me vegan?

Yes, Free to be Me is vegan, made in the USA with domestic and internationally sourced ingredients,, physician formulated, and free of the top 8 major allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans). 

8. What is Siliphos milk thistle?

Siliphos is a well-researched type of milk thistle that is in a phytosome form.
This ingredient has been proven to enhance milk thistle's bioavailability, specifically the constituent (flavonoid) silybin. 

We believe that this ingredient is the perfect synergist for glowing skin.

9. What’s Meriva curcumin?

Meriva is a well-researched form of curcumin that is in a phytosome form for optimal bioavailability.
We use the Meriva form of curcumin in many of our supplements because of the extensive research behind it as well as the level of quality.

10. Does Free To Be Me come with a guarantee? 

Yes, like any other Puriya product, every order comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee. 

11. Where can I try Free To Be Me (and save 30% on my order)? 

By ordering a bottle of Free To Be Me through Amazon before midnight tonight. 

Make sure you click on the clickable coupon button before checkout to unlock your discount. 

12. Is there a limit on how many bottles of Free To Be Me I can buy at the discounted launch rate? 

No, feel free to buy as many bottles as you’d like. But you must place each order as separate orders. Otherwise, Amazon will only apply the 30% discount to one bottle in your cart. And you must place your orders before tonight at midnight (PST). 

The launch sale, and 30% discount, disappears when the clock strikes midnight tonight. 

Ready to try Free To Be Me and feel freer and more confident in your skin every day?

>>Order Free To Be Me here

Just make sure you select the clickable coupon button :) 

Jill “clickable coupon” Hse 

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