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Why eczema treatments don’t work

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If you’ve struggled with eczema for any length of time, you know most eczema treatments don’t work. Especially ones your doctor tries to prescribe. 

For example, we sat down with one of our Mother of all Creams customers recently. She told us that using steroidal ointments prescribed by her doctor almost made her blind in her left eye! (More on her story tomorrow…) 

Besides potentially going blind… overusing steroid creams can have another major side effect: 

Topical Steroid Withdrawal, or TSW for short. 

TSW is when you use potent steroidal creams too much, then stop using them. This causes your body to go through debilitating withdrawals!

Some of the symptoms of TSW may include: 

A deep burning sensation develops on your skin. Your rashes start weeping, and can become infected. Wrinkles erupt on your skin much faster than they otherwise would. Your skin thins which makes simple things like washing the dishes or tying your shoes next to impossible. Pus-filled bumps infiltrate your skin, wrecking your confidence. Plus, it can also lead to severe bouts of depression and insomnia, among many other side effects.

The worst part? 

TSW can send you down a wicked downward cycle because your worsening rashes require more frequent use of more potent steroid creams. 

And the only solution your doctor will have is more steroid creams. 

So, why don’t eczema treatments work? 

There’s one fundamental problem with 90% of eczema treatments out there — whether your doctor prescribes them or you find them in your store:

They don’t address the root cause of your eczema. 

Let’s look at steroid creams for example: 

There are five main causes your body develops eczema… 

  • An overactive immune system, which causes inflammation 
  • Genetics which sabotage your natural skin barrier 
  • Environmental toxins 
  • Food allergens 
  • And stress 

Guess how many of these potential root causes steroidal creams address:


And this applies to 90% of eczema treatments out there, not just steroid creams. 

Here’s why I bring it up:

We released our new eczema supplement, Free To Be Me, this week. Our in-house physicians designed it specifically for addressing the potential root causes of your eczema. And it strengthens your skin from the inside out! 

Check this out: 

If you want to try Free To Be Me, an eczema supplement for sensitive skin, you can save 30% on your order—if you order by the end of the week (10/14). Just click the coupon button on Amazon to unlock your discount.

>>Order Free To Be Me here (and save 30% on your order) 

Best part?

There’s no limit to how many bottles you can save 30% on. Feel free to stock up and save! 

However, if you have multiple bottles of Free To Be Me in the same cart, Amazon will only honor your 30% discount on one bottle. If you want your 30% discount on each bottle you order, you have to place multiple orders.

For example, if you want four bottles of Free To Be Me Sensitive Skin Supplement, you need to create four separate orders. Our apologies in advance! 

Why are we so confident that Free To Be Me can tackle the root issue of your eczema? 

Because of our plant-based, clinically-backed ingredients like… 

* Burdock Root: Decreases inflammation and atopic dermatitis in clinical studies. 

* Milk Thistle: Supports your internal detox system, delivers antioxidants from your skin, and may protect your skin from aging.  

* Gotu Kola: Stimulates collagen production, reduces physiologic stress, and enhances your circulation. 

* Horsetail: Provides minerals and nutrients including silica, a building block for natural collagen production 

* Stinging Nettle: Loaded with vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-histamine properties, which has shown to help against some forms of eczema in clinical trials 

* Rose Hips: The most concentrated food-based source of vitamin C (a foundation of good skin health and collagen production) 

* Curcumin: Protects and nourishes your skin. Clinical studies found it provides therapeutic benefits when ingested and applied topically for conditions, including atopic dermatitis

* Reishi Mushroom: Balances your immune system and stress response. 

* Skullcap: Relaxes your mind and body.

Wanna feel your confidence levels soar each and every day because you’re free in your own skin again? 

>>Order Free To Be Me here (and save 30% on your order) 

Jill “free in your skin again” Hse

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