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Hello -!

If you have ever dreamed of showing off your photography by hanging it on your wall or a friend's wall or even a gallery wall, please keep reading. I'm incredibly excited to share this with you.

In my time as a photographer, I've always felt most excited about my images when I can hold them in my hands. But when I was starting out, I would send negatives(or nowadays a jpeg) to a lab, and the prints looked nothing like the photo I loved. It was disheartening, and it took me a long time to learn the lesson.

The only way to make sure my prints look incredible? Understand the whole process and preferably print the photos myself!

This has been a passion of mine for years, and I've been desperate to create a masterclass that not only teaches you everything you need to know about printing your own photos but hopefully inspires you in your art.

I went to one of the world authorities on photography printing to make this masterclass - George Kondogianis. Join George and I for a start to finish deep dive into making great prints.

We cover everything from screen calibration and final edits to paper selection and critiquing the final prints.

To celebrate the launch of my brand-new Photo Prints Masterclass(and because, as you can probably tell, I'm really excited about this), I'm offering it to my subscribers for just $57.

I know you are going to love everything we go over, and I look forward to receiving pictures of your prints hanging proudly on the wall!

Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes Special Offer

This Masterclass is for you if…

Joel Grimes Special Offer

You sent photos to a lab and the results weren’t quite right.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

You want to display your work but printing is too expensive.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

You are struggling to get your images right before printing.

Imagine you could…

Create professional gallery-worthy prints in your own home.

Save on printing and get better results.

Understand how to prepare an image perfectly so the print is amazing.

Joel Grimes Special Offer
One Light Masterclass

“If I can’t teach without also inspiring my students I shouldn’t be doing this. I want you to get excited about the print and what this means for your art.”

Joel Grimes

What You'll Learn

Joel Grimes Special Offer

On this course, join master printer George Kondogianis and myself for an in-depth exploration into the world of print.

You’ll learn everything you need to fully master the whole process. From calibrating your screen properly and preparing the image, to choosing the right paper, evaluating the print and making final tweaks.

The ultimate expression of an artist is having a product that people can see. The feeling of seeing your work on the wall or even just coming off the printer is something that will never get old.




4h 12m



Create stunning print photos

Here is a sneak peek at some of the lessons

Joel Grimes Special Offer

The Value of the Print

My self and master printer George Kondogianis discuss the value of the photography print and why photographers should not miss out on this.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

Creating The Print

This lesson is a walkthrough of getting your images from Photoshop ready to print. Learn how to get everything set up correctly to make your first print.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

Calibrating Your Monitor HB

Setting up your screen so you can really tell what’s happening with your image is the most important first step. Find out how to do this and see the difference this makes.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

Advanced Printing

Learn from George by watching his process how he would prepare a fine art print for a client from Photoshop to paper. It’s magic!

Joel Grimes Special Offer

The Business of Print Making

Find out how mastering print could improve your photography business. Unlocking the ability to make your own prints at a low cost gives you the opportunity to ensure the picture looks amazing and there is a profit margin.

And there is more!

Click below to see all the content.

Joel Grimes Special Offer

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