Join The Movement To Impeach Barack Obama
Join The Movement To Impeach Barack Obama

It's Now A Civil War

Email sent: Jul 31, 2020 7:59pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

GrassTopsUSA Masthead Violent Insurrection Exploding Across The Country... Riots Declared Across The Nation... distressedflag

     We're Losing Our Country...

     That's not a stock photo folks ... IT'S REAL! ... socialist, America-hating rioters raised a tattered and beaten flag upside-down to celebrate their victory. They're rubbing our faces in it.

     You need no more proof. They hate you and they hate this country. They are disgusting, and they must be stopped!

     We told you it would get worse and it has... RIOTS HAVE NOW BROKEN OUT ALL OVER THE COUNTRY... Scores of law enforcement officers have been injured and maimed and the radical subversives are just warming up.


     We know times are tough, but we must fight. And to be honest, while we will need some folks to really dig deep, even if you can only spare a few dollars, it would be a tremendous help.

Yes Chris, Our Nation Is Worth The Fight.

Yes... It's A Leftist Revolution And The Liberal Media Is Trying To Sweep This Thuggery Under The Rug.

     The media isn't giving you the full story on what is unfolding before your very eyes. They're not giving these world-changing events anywhere near the attention they deserve, but make no mistake, the world that we once knew is about to change for the worst.

     Freedom and Liberty were things we sadly took for granted... and now we're about to lose them.

     Organized riots are sweeping across the country.

     Here are just a few headlined:

     - "From Los Angeles to Richmond to Omaha, police and protesters clashed in a tumultuous Saturday night... In Austin, a man was shot and killed in the midst of a downtown rally. In Richmond, a truck was set ablaze outside police headquarters. Outside of Denver, a Jeep sped through a phalanx of people marching down an interstate when a shot was fired..." -The Liberal Washington Post

     - "Nearly four dozen people were arrested, and more than 55 officers were injured Saturday after protests turned violent with trailers set on fire, windows at businesses smashed, cars damaged, and explosive devices thrown at police." -Kiro7 News in Seattle

     - "Chad Wolf, the Department of Homeland Security secretary, painted a disturbing picture in the city on "Sunday Morning Futures" and said protesters have been armed with bats, power tools and have targeted 'their violence on federal courthouses and federal law enforcement officers.'" -Fox News

     - "Each evening in Portland, the peaceful protesters who dominate during the day are replaced by more militant mobs who set fires, attack police officers, and vandalize federal buildings. ... Laser beams targeting the inside of the courthouse caused vision problems and eye pain for several officers. Each night, police seized dozens of homemade shields, slingshots, blocks of wood, and chunks of concrete..."

     We're still $8,436.00 short of our revenue goal for July and, if we are to continue fighting the good fight, we must meet that shortfall by midnight on July 31st... that's literally hours away.

     To be honest... if we don't meet this minimal goal, we might go out of business... and the Radical Left would just love it because we stand in opposition to the leftist reign of terror being thrust upon this country.

     So, we're humbly asking for some very generous folks to step up to the plate. If you believe that GrassTopsUSA has truly made a difference in fighting the far-left and the special interests in Washington, please give us a little love at this critical time.

Chris Carmouche

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