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Is Clutter and Disorganization Getting the Best of You?

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If It's Time to Get Your Life In Order, This One's For You...

"Organizing is not how “neat and tidy” something looks on the outside. Organizing is knowing what you have and where to find it when you need it––quickly, easily and without stress."

- Annmarie Brogan, Professional Organizer

One Tool For All Your Needs

If your house is a mess, then chances are you feel chaotic in your mind too. We've heard about spring cleaning and decluttering as good solutions. The minimalist emphasizes the importance of removing the things in your house that you hardly use or that are no longer needed. Sounds great, right? But where do you start? 

We connected with Annmarie Brogan, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Cofounder of Organize Me! of NY, LLC who shared that organizing means not wasting time and money replacing things you already own because you can’t find them. It means taking the space you have and getting the most out of it. This enables you to manage your energy for more important decisions and tasks, which gives you better emotional regulation and willpower.  The bottom line? You are creating a life that you LOVE – one that has been deliberately designed by you, rather than a life that is simply a byproduct of the chaos around you.
Annmarie Brogan and Marie Limpert are the founders of Organize Me! of NY, LLC. They assert that both organization and disorganization influence how we show up in the world.  Both affect confidence, reliability, trust, mood, and emotional regulation.  They affect how much quality time we have for the people and activities we love, how we manage our money, and how other people perceive us. That’s a lot of influence in your life! The secret is out! Organization supports your dreams for you and your family.
Beyond Tidy is a great read!
Annmarie Brogan and Marie Limpert are also the authors of Beyond Tidy. Check out the book here.

Here are some quick tips that will help you to get your entire life in order: 
  • Open your mail every day, preferably near your garbage can and shredder - Discard the fluff and spam and only keep what you need to focus on. Make it a priority and make it a habit. 
  • To maximize storage space, choose square or rectangular organizers instead of round ones  - When you place them side by side in a drawer or cabinet, you won’t lose any precious storage space.
  • Include regular household tasks, like laundry and bill paying, on your to-do list and calendar  - Don't think because they're "obvious" to-dos that you will remember to do them. Treat them with the same regard that you would other important tasks, because they ARE important!
  • Store items by category based on how you use them, not necessarily what they actually are – If you associate correctly, you will be more likely to find what you need when you need it, giving you more time for the things you love! For example: If you only use Q-tips to clean the grooves in your furniture, keep them with cleaning supplies instead of your health and beauty products.
If you enjoyed these tips and want to learn more about how Annmarie and Marie can help you to declutter your life and organize your home, you can visit their website at www.organizemeNY.com. Be sure to connect with them @organizemeNY on Facebook and Instagram.
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