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Purpose Anxiety

Email sent: Oct 14, 2020 5:27pm
If you can't find purpose, this may be why...

"I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear."

- Steve Maraboli

Overcoming Purpose Anxiety
Here at Quartz Wellness Collective, we don't like to say that you find your purpose, we like to say that you uncover it. It evolves and changes as we do, it is through taking the time to look at our lives, make meaning of what we are doing and why, what we are good at, and what we love that helps us figure out our big "why". Our why is our purpose on a macro or micro level.

Many people who struggle with purpose in life think of it as a noun. Let’s explore for a moment how powerful it would be to refer to purpose as a verb. Think about it. Purpose is best expressed in action. Being your purpose, or being on purpose, induces joy, interest and life satisfaction. Purpose as a verb is the embodiment of intention; to set forth; to bring forward.

One way of getting over purpose anxiety is to put the word "to" after it. “My purpose is to…” and follow it with a list of verbs that feel close to your heart. “My purpose is to build, to inspire, to support, to heal.” How you activate your purpose is the next step—that’s the noun version—as a coach, author, social worker, doctor, mom. Focus on the verb first. The noun will come later. Your purpose is never lost, you just have to be intentional about uncovering it. Philosopher, cultural critic and poet F. Nietszche reminds us that "He who has a why to live can live through almost anything."


Purpose can come from curiosity, intentional effort, spirituality, trauma, volunteering, overcoming, or experiencing peak moments in life.

Clues to our life’s purpose lie at the intersection of our passions, skills, strengths and experiences within the context of what you value.

The Japanese refer to this as our Ikigai, our reason for being. The word roughly translates to the “thing that you live for” but it also has the nuance of “the reason for which we wake up in the morning". Many psychologists believe that purpose is not inherently known, but it must be found, created or learned. Do you agree? I invite you to uncover your purpose through some good ole proactive uncovering.

Be sure to check out these tips and resources to support your journey:
  • The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley shares more about uncovering your purpose. Learn more here
  • Mark Manson poses questions that will help you uncover your purpose. Find them here
  • This Forbes article asks four questions to help you identify your why. Read here
The Purpose Driven Life is a great read or listen!

The Purpose Driven Life book offers readers a 40-day personal spiritual journey and presents what Warren says are God's five purposes for human life on Earth. The author has a few different versions which fundamentally answers the question "Why Am I Here On Earth?"
Check out the books here.
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Amber Lee Forrester
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Certified Life, Career, & Business Coach
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