-The ICU Ward Echoes Her Loud Cries...

Email sent: Jul 10, 2020 11:55am
This Mother Is terrified of Losing Her 6 Month Old Baby..
Baby of mounika

Every few minutes, the ICU ward echoes loud cries of her baby, she promptly gets up from her place and peeks in from the door, desperate to go inside, but she can’t...

-, it has been six months since Mounika became a mother but she hasn’t been able to take her little baby home.She and her husband Chinna Babu hasn’t slept peacefully in days. They keep sitting outside the NICU from morning to dusk. Their 6-Month old is suffering from bronchopneumonia, an lung infection  disease. Determined to do anything it takes, to save their little baby, the poor father lost his job, sold off his house and everything he owned, but is still not able to gather INR 20.70 Lakh the treatment cost for saving their baby's life.

The Little Baby Deserves To Live. Please Open Your Hearts And Donate For Her Treatment. Every Bit Matters.

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