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Email sent: Sep 26, 2020 3:42pm
With Every Breath He Is Inching Closer To  Death, Only You...
Baby Tanush

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Priyanka makes her 10-month-old son sit on the bed as soon as they enter the hospital room. While waiting for the doctor, she takes out a few toys from her bag as she helplessly tries to calm her crying baby down, who is suffering from excruciating pain.
Baby Tanush is suffering from a rare type of immunodeficiency disease, making his lungs weak and him susceptible to infections. As he struggles with each breath, he cries uncontrollably, which make his condition even worse. The poor parents have already exhausted their entire life savings on his initial treatment and now, helplessly watch their only child suffer in pain.

Baby Tanush is fighting for his life every day and with each day passing, his condition is getting worse. His poor parents will lose their only child if they don't get urgent help. You are their only hope. Your contributions can save their little son from this disease.

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