-You Are Their Last Hope!

Email sent: Oct 11, 2020 3:55am
Your Urgent Support Can Save Their Daughter...

Dear -

Ashamed, Defeated, and Helpless, these are a few of the worst feelings that any parent can go through. For the past few months, Prajakta and her husband are living this nightmare as they watch their little two-year-old daughter cry and suffer in pain as she fights for her life.
These poor parents sold everything, including their house, to arrange funds for their child's treatment but are still falling short. Living hand-to-mouth, this poor couple feels miserable and guilty for failing to save their only child.

Without a roof over their heads, this family is somehow surviving and trying to stay afloat. They need your help during this dark phase of their life. Your kind deeds and generous donations can save their daughter from the clutches of this deadly liver disease.

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