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Headoshot 101 | In this email discover 5 must-have photo styles that casting agents want to see. Upload them all and see how quickly your child can lend their next gig!
Check out five photo styles that casting agents want to see
head shots, full length shots, smiling or laughing, wearing seasonal clothing, playing with toys or pets

Headshots 101. Advice on taking and choosing one.

1. Simplicity is the best

When taking headshots, we advise to choose neutral clothing, in the color that will compliment your child’s eyes. Steer clear of bright patterns, brand logos or unconventional clothing. Your child’s outfit should compliment them, not outshine them. As for the background - make sure it’s blurred (this will happen when using high-quality camera with a high-depth of field), as all the attention should go to your child, not the background.

2. Natural light over studio

It’s better to use natural light for kids headshots as they more closely portray film lighting. Natural light will also showcase your child’s features more realistically. It won’t create false shadows and highlights. A good camera and the right settings will manage to catch natural light well.

3. Make their features stand out

As with on-camera acting, it’s all about the eyes. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul, so the photographer must make sure that your child’s eyes are in focus, and that they don’t look glazed over. A good headshot photographer will know how to bring out your child’s personality and capture his or hers best features best!

4. Stick to standard framing for headshots

As the name implies, the headshot is normally a photo of your head, or head and shoulders. It shouldn’t be an extreme frontal photo, nor one where your kid’s face is not visible. However, based on the role, casting directors or agents may ask you to submit a specific headshot. It’s a good idea to make multiple headshots with different expressions, angles and poses so that you have options when they’re required.

5. Are Professional Headshots a Must?

Professional photos are advised, but not necessary. If your child is serious about their acting or modeling career, it would be a good idea to turn to an experienced photographer, the reason being that professional photos will look, you guessed it - more professional. Looking at the headshots, the casting director will be able to see whether or not your child is serious about acting or modeling. Good quality photos will more likely catch their eye.

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