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🎓 The portal designed to give you all the tools needed to help your kid succeed in acting or modeling industry.
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Enjoy the "Parent Academy"! Our Parent Academy is a regularly updated educational section containing a selction of useful goodies. A portal where parents can find all the tools needed to help their kids succeed in acting or modeling industry.
Advice: How to Succeed With KidsCasting? Do you believe you are raising a future star? Or has your kid showed interest in performing? In either case, it is good to try acting, modeling, dancing or other forms of performance for yourself to see what it’s like. To do so, there are certain steps that need to be taken to break into the industry. KidsCasting offers everything your kid needs to kickstart an entertainment career. Continue reading
How to Succeed With KidsCasting
Article: Before They Were Famous At one point in time, your favorite stars were just struggling actors looking for their big breaks. And many of them kickstarted their acting careers as kids, auditioning for commercials, uncredited roles, and appearing as background extras in various movies. Let’s go through these 6 surprising starting roles of now established actors. These big names are more relatable than you may have thought… Continue reading
Before They Were Famous
Advice: Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids So, your child has landed an acting audition - congrats! Now comes the part when you and your kid should start preparing for that exciting day. And one of the things your child should be doing is getting familiar with the audition material. Now, not all auditions are the same. Some casting directors want your child to "read" specific material - usually an expert from the script from the production they're casting for. Continue reading
Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids
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